Chapter 2: Finding Mountain Essence

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Borin had given Hathumin the mountain essence to take back to Kharrum to analyse and see if he could create a golem. In the mean time Gordrin had ordered Borin to take 100 dwarven warriors along with Houzzimir and Kimnuc to look for more mountain essence, because if they were to gain an advantage over the orcs they would need to find a lot of essence.

So Borin, Houzzumir and Kimnuc and 100 dwarves set out to find more mountain essence in the mountain roads of the frozen summit. After days of searching to no avail they came across a passage that had not been mined by dwarves before but looked like it had been started, so Borin and Kimnuc and 30 dwarves approached the passage whilst Houzzumir and the remaining dwarves waited. Then suddenly a barrage of rocks fell from above dividing the dwarven forces in two, killing 15 dwarves that travelled with Borin and Kimnuc, the barrage was a trap set by orcs and it was the first phase of an ambush. Orcs started pouring out of gaps in the rocks from all directions, altogether there must of been 300, 100 of which were attacking Borin's forces from one side, and the other 200 attacking Houzzumir's forces from the otherside.

Borin had to think fast for a doom was set upon them, he signalled a full on charge and attacked the orcs head on, rallying his men in doing so. Houzzumir however was more interested in freeing the rocks between the two forces, and ordered a few of his men to move the rocks whilst the main force held off the remaining 200 orcs. The numbers game was taking it's tole on Borin's forces and he began to find himself being closed in by the orcs. Kimnuc knew that the king must survive so he signalled Borin to stay back whilst he and a few dwarves charged again at the orcs forces, Borin shouted;

"No Kimnuc!!"

But Kimnuc didn't listen.
Houzzumir's forces were gaining the advantage; most of the rocks were cleared and the orcs forces were being pushed back. It was just the case now whether or not Houzzumir could get his forces past the rocks in time.

On the other side of the rocks Kimnuc was still fighting valiantly to keep the orcs from his king, he had now singly killed 40 orcs. However there was only a hand full of Borin's forces left; and Borin found himself fighting the orcs once more but this was more desperate than ever. When all looked lost, Houzzumir and the remaining dwarves had routed the main bulk of orcs and had crashed through the rocks coming to Borin's aid; and ultimately defeating the orcs ambush force.

With the battle finished the only thing on Borin's mind was finding Kimnuc; who had risked his life and therefore proving his undying loyalty. Borin searched his fallen brothers and couldn't see Kimnuc anywhere, all that was found of Kimnuc was his shield, other than that there was no trace of his where abouts...

After an hour of searching and gathering the fallen dwarves bodies Houzzumir convinced Borin to accept the inevitable and return to Thim Durahl; Borin replied,

"We must not abandon our goal to find the mountain essence"

For many more hours the remaining 23 dwarves searched vigorously for some mountain essence but couldn't find any, however there were many signs that some had already been mined.

Elsewhere in the stronghold of Megdun an Orc captain named Lurbuk had attacked the stronghold and claimed it for himself, this was the main plan for the orcs, using that ambush unit as a distraction. Lurbuk's spawn Nagrub then appeared at the gates with Kimnuc in his grasp, he then shouts;

"Lurbuk! The dwarves drove us back, but not without losses, I have also managed to capture this loyal runt!!"

Lurbuk was pleased to see that this ambush was a victory; because it allowed him to kill the dwarven warriors within Megdun and capture a dwarven commander.

Oblivious to the ongoings within Megdun Borin continues to head east in search of the essence. After a further day of searching and resting, they came across the scouting post just outside of Megdun. It had two dwarves empaled by spears as a signal that Megdun had been taken.
Infuriated Borin wanted to reclaim it and led a charge, before Houzzumir shouted him down;

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