Sasori x OC - Confessions of the Heart

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A oneshot for @KillerSenju who's birthday is tomorrow. I know I was just as shocked as you are, a birthday on valentines day :P Anyway she asked me to write this for her and so I did. Happy Birthday Mihaela! :) I will be uploading a valentines day special oneshot tomorrow as well and then a Hashirama x Madara oneshot on sunday. So you guys will have plenty to read this weekend ^_^ Enjoy! <3


A giant white ball flew by Mihaela's head as she ducked behind the wall for cover. She smirked when she heard her blonde friend cursing under her breath. Quickly and quietly, she walked slowly to the other side of the wall, grabbing a small amount of snow in her hand, and squishing it until it became a small white ball in her hands. Mihaela jumped up and threw the ball of snow where she was sure her friend was before. When no sound, other than snow hitting snow, was heard Mihaela became very wary. She looked closer at where she had chucked the ball of white snow, only to realize her friend was no where to be seen.

"Got ya!" she heard someone behind her say, before a giant bucket of water was thrown over her. Mihaela screamed as she felt the freezing cold substance drown her small figure. Her blonde friend Tigzy was on the floor laughing hard, as Mihaela's face had contorted into one of shock. Just then Mihaela saw a familiar tall, blue figure walking towards her and Tigzy, just home from his mission.

"Kisame Nii-san, will you help me fight Tigzy?" Mihaela asked, and the older, blue male looked down at the dripping wet form of Mihaela.

"Fight Tigzy?" Itachi, Kisame's younger and shorter partner asked, raising a brow slightly.

"Yeah! She and I are snowball fighting and she's beating me!" Mihaela said, causing Kisame laugh as he rubbed her hair.

"Maybe next time kid" Kisame said, and Mihaela sighed. Just then an explosion was heard, and an avalanche of snow came rushing towards the three Akatsuki members. Itachi jumped out of the way, while Kisame grabbed Michaela, and jumped out of the way also.

All three looked up to see Tigzy and Deidara flying high above them on Deidara's clay bird. Both blondes were laughing hard, while Itachi simply 'hn'd' and walked off. Kisame instantly changed his mind and grabbed Mihaela, throwing her into the air so she was high enough to slice Deidara's bird in half. Kisame caught Mihaela as she fell, while Deidara and Tigzy fell face first into the snow.

"Alright that's it Mihaela, you've done it now!" Tigzy yelled standing up, and brushing the snow out of her face. The blonde female ran towards Mihaela and used a fireball jutsu, sending it straight at her. The jutsu was quickly cancelled out, as Kisame used his water jutsu to stop it from hitting Mihaela.

The battle quickly escalated from there, and Mihaela found herself hiding behind a tree while the others fought and called it 'training'. Mihaela would have joined in, but her specialty was medical ninjutsu, and she didn't want to go up against Deidara and his bombs, or Tigzy and her explosive personality.

Her efforts to try and stay out of the fight was in vain, as the force of a nearby explosion caused her to be blown backwards. Mihaela groaned and got up off the ground, but froze when she heard a cracking sound. She looked down at her feet and noticed she was on very thin ice that had now cracked beneath her feet. She tried hard not to move a muscle, but the ice still cracked beneath her feet, and the next thing she knew she was falling under. The ice cold water engulfed her body and she felt her breath being sucked out from her lungs. Panic immediately began to follow as she swam to the surface of the water again, desperately trying to claw at the ice, hoping she could pull herself up.

Her efforts were pointless as she soon began to sink into the watery depths below her. She felt her body go numb, and her vision began to blur. This was it, she was going to die. She felt so useless and regretted how her life was so short. 'How could it end like this?' she thought to herself.

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