fact # 13

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 In certain types of taekwondo people use weapons. Some examples that are seen commonly are the Bo staff, Eskirma sticks, a short stick, a Three section staff, and more.

 A Bo staff is one long stick, usually made to be around the person's height.

Eskirma sticks are two sticks not connected together. Think about, if you split a Bo staff in half.

Three Section Staff is what I call a hybrid between nun chucks and a Bo staff. It seems self explanatory, but it's connected like nun chucks and is shaped like a Bo staff, except you can bend it and sling it around. (Look at picture above)

 In my taekwondo we DO NOT use actual weapons. The weapons we use are mostly for show, and are usually shiny and light weight. They are blunt, can scratch, but cannot kill. Otherwise the majority of my taekwondo school would be dead. The weapons that my taekwondo uses is Sais (Sai is singular for that), Bo staffs, Kamas, Swords, and Nun chucks.

 If you intend on actually using weapons of death (Weapons that can slice things and kill) then I would highly advice a different martial art.

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