Chapter Seven

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Sarah and felix were having coffee when the vibration in Sarah's pocket allerted her to the incoming text message, removing her phone from her pocket she saw the message was from Zoe.  She froze for a split second, just a moment of doubt in her mind before she opened it.

"Is it her?"

Felix asked, in a rather over excited, child like voice.  Sarah didn't say anything, she just stared at her phone, then finally.

"She want's to meet up tonight."

"Well are you?"

Felix was almost jumping out of her chair with excitement, Sarah though, was not displaying the same enthusiasm.

She put the phone down on the table infront of them and looked at her best friend with what could only be described as 'the look of fear' upon her face.

"Sarah...what's wrong?  You look..."

Sarah interupted her friends last words, burying her face in her hands and saying.

"I'm scared Felix.. i don't know what to do."

Felix looked at her friend, she had never seen her looking so fragile and uncertain.

"It's OK honey, we all get scared, it's only human."

"It's not the same though, i could.. she could..."

Tears began to form and slowly make there way down the side of Sarah's face, Felix reached over to wipe them away.

"Ssh.. baby, don't cry, it'll be OK."

"We could... be detained, re-educated, it's too much of a risk."

Felix wasn't sure what to say to her friend after all she was correct, the relationships she would be embarking on carried with them a certain risk, a risk that most people wouldn't want to take, hell she wasn't even sure she would.  But love was love, she new in her heart that you couldn't deny someone the prospect of love, the chance to find that one person that brought a smile to your face, that made you whole.

"We all deserve that special someone Sarah, even you!"

Sarah looked in her friends eyes and she saw acceptance and love there, she gave her a weak smile before saying.

"If only it was that easy?"

"If you want something and i mean really want something, then you have go get it.  I know it's a risk Sarah but what other choice do you have?  To deny who you are for the rest of your life, to get invovled with a man in loveless relationship, all the time knowing that what you really want is just out of reach."

Sarah just looked down at the table.

"You can't live like that Sarah, i know you, you would be unhappy and misserable and i couldn't bare to see you like that."

Sarah took a tissue from her pocket and wiped her eyes, then straightening herself up she looked at her friend and said.

"You're right, i deserve so much more."

"Don't get me wrong, it's not going to be easy...  you're going to have to be very discrete."

Sarah thought on this, she so desperately wanted this, this someone and a chance to be happy.  If it meant she had to hide it then she would, after all she had been hiding all her life, they would just have to be careful that's all.  With all that said she picked up her phone and sent a reply to Zoe.

Meet at Jumpin Jacs, 8PM.

"There, done!"

Felix just smiled in return and rubbing her friends arm replied.

"You'll be fine, you'll see."

Having now deciding to comit to this thing, Sarah was suddenly overcome with anxciety, all be it for an entirely different reason now.

"Shit!   What am i going to wear?"

Felix just grinned at her friend, now this she could do.

Later that evening Felix foumd herself in her best friends bedroom, clothes strewn all over the bed, the floor, everywhere.

"I've got nothing to wear!"

"Relax Sarah, i'm sure we"ll find something in that jumble sale you call a wardrobe."

Sarah just rolled her eyes at her friend.

"It's not that, it's just..."


"It's just... i want to look good, i want her to find me sexy but i don't want people to know... you know?"

"I think i know what you mean."

felix replied grinning like the proverbiale cheshire cat.

"You don't want it to appear obvious that you're trying to pull her."

"Only to her!"

Sarah replied, with an even bigger grin, if that were at all posible.

They spent the next half hour going through various outfits that were either 'too dull', 'too boring', 'too old' and on the odd occasion 'too sexy', although the latter wasn't quite as frequent as the others, much to Sarah's anoyance and to the amusment of felix.  Eventually felix found the ideal solution and as Sarah stood there admiring the results in the full length mirror, she had to agree.

Sarah was wearing a navy blue singlet, open just enough to reveal a slight swell of the breasts but not too much that she screamed 'tart'.  From the waist down she had on a pair of black slacks held up with a small leather belt and silver buckle, finished with a pair of black leather heals.  Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and her face adorned with just the slightest hint of makeup, enough to highlight her blue eyes and perfect lips.  Even if she said so herself, Sarah thought she looked good.

"You'll do."

Felix said, as Sarah gave her a twirl.

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