"I-I'm a daughter of Zeus?" I ask nervously, rubbing my hands on my gym shorts, getting the nervous sweat off. 

"Yeah, you are." Cas says sleeply with his eyes closing slightly. 

I look around and notice people giving me scared looks throughout their conversations. "Why are all these people giving me looks?" I ask.

"You're the only kid that Zeus had except for Thalia. It's pretty rare." Dean says, running his fingers through Cas' hair. I look around and notice that some kids were finishing up their food and heading over to some logs by a large fire. 

"Where's everyone going?" I turn and face Ivy. 

She turns away from her food and smiles at me," It's campfire time."

We get up from our seats, or benches I suppose, and find a few empty spots on a log. Dean taps Ivy on the shoulder, "Hey guys, I'll catch up with you later, I'm gonna get this one to his cabin," He says and walks off with Cas in his arms. "They're so adorable." I say sitting down.

"Yeah, but a lot of campers think it's well....you know ....weird I guess," Ivy says sadly.

"Well, I think it's cool and I'm not judging them." I answer looking over at the fire. It flickered and changed colors, drifting between greens and blues. "Hey, Ivy, aren't those some weird colors for a fire," I say, never taking my eyes off it.

Ivy laughs and says, "The fire is magical. It changes colors depending on the campers moods. As you can see they're kind of nervous." She says pointing at the fire. 

I stared at it for a while then a voice starts to fill the air. I'm snapped out of my gaze and start to listen. "Ivy who's that singing?" I say straining my ears.

"That's Lauren. She's Apollo's kid and can sing like an angel." Ivy replies, nodding at the girl. Soon enough everyone joined in and started singing. Their nervous mood washed away and the fire rose higher, turning shades yellows and oranges. I sway to the song along with everyone else and smile. I finally felt like I was part of something, like I finally had a family.


The sing-along ends with Lauren and some others handing out s'mores. We scarf them down and head off to our cabins. "Ivy can you show me where my cabin is? I don't remember from the tour." I ask looking around at the crowd of people heading off to bed.

"Of course!" She says way too cheerfully. We walk to Zeus' cabin and she says,"Here it is, I've heard it can be a little cold so I can bring you some extra blankets if you want?"

"No, I think I'll be just fine." I say staring at the cabin. My cabin. All to myself. 

"Well, okay goodnight!" She says and walks off into the woods. I step up on the porch and let myself inside.

I'm hit with a cool rush of air and feel blown back. I open the door wider and run my hand along the wall and find a light switch. I flick it on and close the door behind me. Light floods into the room. The walls are bright white and look like marble. A golden statue of Zeus sits in the back, staring at the cabin like it was judging every bit of it. Two bunk beds lined the walls, both painted white with blue covers and gray pillows. On the right there's a door which I guess lead to the bathroom. To the side of the beds a dresser sat there. I walked over to it and pulled it open.

Inside were pairs of socks, jean shorts, and orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts. I take one out and throw it on. It hangs off my tiny body like a dress.I'll have to ask someone for smaller shirts, maybe I can ask Ivy. I leave my gym shorts on and turn the lights off. I flop down on the bed and drift off into a deep sleep.

Well I think that was an okay chapter. I'll try and update sooner. I need an idea for a love interest for her. Any ideas? Thanks for reading!


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