Chapter 19: Am I Dead Or Something?

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Chapter 19: Sophia's P.O.V
Everything was dark but light around me could hear but I couldn't see. Suddenly I hear the door open. "Guys three at a time". I know that voice anywhere it was Jordan.I tried to open my eyes and speak but something was tying me down. " Ok why don't we have Jack J,Matt,and Jack G". Jordan exclaimed. The door shuts and I hear somebody whisper something I couldn't quite figure out who whispered. Suddenly I feel somebody take my hand. "Hey lil cuz, How are you doing? I know you can't hear me but I just wanted to let you know the police are trying to figure out who did it because we got part of the license plate number,but we knew what kind of car it was. Soph we miss you really bad. You don't know how lucky you are if Taylor wouldn't of pushed out of the way you could've been really hurt. I just wish both of you weren't in coma". What I'm in coma!?! I felt Jack grab my hand and start to pray as he cried his eyes out. "Oh god please save these poor young souls they deserve to live a long life and get married and die old. Please pray and save them in Jesus's name amen". I felt his warm hand let go and shut the door quietly. How could I be in coma I don't even think I hit my head that hard. "It's the way your head and body hit the ground honey that car was going fast I got most of that impact so your welcome".
"Taylor"? I asked confused. "Sup"! He said I could feel his smile as he read my mind. "How is this possible"? I asked. "I'm not sure but enjoy the company because it's blank and boring in here". He exclaimed. "Taylor when you blacked out did you see a bright light even though you were still a little conscious"? I questionaly asked. "Um yeah I actually walked into it, it took me to the best memory in the world and played all the good experiences and more memories that I don't think I would ever forget, things that I feel like would live with me for the rest alive and after death". He said. "Not to be nosy but what were the memories like were their any worries when you were you know there"? I asked "It was peaceful it showed me a little bit of the future and what would happen if I let go and if I didn't pull and fight through. After I saw what would happen I worked and fought until I didn't have to fight anymore it showed me I needed to protect you and we would be together again Sophia. When it showed me that I fought even harder my life has miserable without you ever since I met you I knew you would be mine no matter how hard we fought and hurt we would always love each other". He spilled to me. "Taylor I love you and I think I dated Wesley just to try to find that spark and love you gave me your sweetness your tender hearted personality. I love you and god made is meet for a reason". I answered back. "Sophia". he cooed "Yeah"? I said back "Will you be mine again I need you I can't live with out you". I quietly spoke into my mind again. "No". I said joking around again. "What"? He sounded devastated. "Yeah you idiot I will always say yes". I chuckled to my self. "Well I'm going to rest maybe this stupid coma will were off". Taylor screamed in my head. "TAYLOR don't scream this is my head not outdoors goodnight". I said. "Night babe". he cooed and chuckled. The next morning I feel people starring at me and holding my hand ready for me to wake up I just couldn't open my eyes I tried so hard. "Ah look who's up Matthew said you feelin better bud"? Matt probably asked Taylor. "Yup I'm a little sore still that car was a wrecking ball. Now we have to wait until this little shorty wakes up". he chuckled I chuckled a little too. Hopefully I can wake up soon I want to see my beautiful friends. The doctor came in the room. Ah Mr. Caniff your finally awake. How are you feeling sir"? He asked in a deep normal Doctor voice (😂). "Fine thank you sir, But just out of curiosity why isn't Sophia up it makes no since". I heard him ask. I smiled in my head at the fact that he cares about me. "Well even though you took most of the impact remember girls are a little for fragile than boys they can get hurt easier it's just how they are made Mr. Caniff. Who knows she could be up tonight tomorrow the next day but soon. Now why don't we run some tests to make sure you are ok and we can send you home". He said. "Ok". They wheel me down the hall way in to a room with different machines.
Wesley's P.O.V----
I am on my way to see if Sophia is ok I feel like I can't even show my face around anywhere any more this is all my fault if she wouldn't of stepped foot of that cross walk the second she did we wouldn't be here it should of been me I thought to my self. Once I got there I asked the lady what room she was in and went up to the intensive care unit. There was nobody there except her even Taylor wasn't in the room he probably is doing better than her, I walk in and take a seat right beside her I was guessing probably the boys Jordan and Mahogany probably went down to the cafeteria or went home to rest. I make my way slowly grabbing her hand and making sure that I wasn't grabbing it to tight. She was so fragile so, so weak. " Hey Sophia, and that's when the world came down and I sobbed. It should've been me I'm so sorry god why am I so stupid you should've put me in the state that she is in right now she doesn't deserve the pain that I put her threw hurting her every time not even thinking to correct my self why just why"!
Sophia's P.O.V---
I heard everything he was saying honestly some of it is his fault but getting hit is mine I wasn't looking out like I should of even though it was my right away to walk but I guess you have to take more per cautions and that's my fault I want to tell him that but this stupid coma is not wearing off and I'm hungry. Typical. Finally I got this urge I was being lifted I felt my eyes open.
Wesley's P.O.V---
I saw her stir in her sleep a little I look up and the color comes back in her skin and finally I see those amazing blue eyes open.
Sophia's P.O.V---
I look over and see that Wesley is sitting by me. I knew Matt took Taylor after he got his tests done down to the cafeteria and they both went home to take showers and clean up a little they should be coming back. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Wesley spoke up I was kind of worried because my mind is kind of blurry from the stuff they gave me and my head hit the pavement pretty hard. I knew my name and stuff just people that I heard people talking about while I was in coma were kind of blurry. I don't remember a lot about Wesley and what happened I just remember dating him and getting in a fight. "Sophia I'm sorry it should've been me that got hit this is all my fault I'm sorry I hate seeing you like this it's horrible to see what happened and what situation you got put into I'm sorry all I can say is I am sorry". Wesley sobbed. " Wesley I don't quite remember what happened but I know you made a mistake and yes some of it is your fault but not all it is my fault that I wasn't looking out even though it was our turn to cross please don't keep apologizing for something's that wast technically your fault ok". I exclaimed softly since I was so weak at the moment. "Hey Wesley can you please call the nurse so we can get some tests done I was to at least try to go home by tonight". I told him. "Ok". He then called the nurse we ran tests I have a broken leg a sprained wrist a sprained ankle that is not severe thank god and a semi bad concussion but it's not that bad I just need to rest and take it easy for the next couple of days the doctor said I might not remember a lot of people but every body is different and reacts to different things so I might remember a little or I might not. I finally got back to the room and I think Wesley called everybody and told them I was awake and hungry as fudge and I could go home tonight depending on how much better I feel I mean it's only about noon so hopefully I will feel better by evening or earlier. The door opened and all I saw was toco bell bags my favorite slushy and all of my friends smiling faces with little cute gifts. I stand up and get in bed and the doctor helps me with my leg and I sit up and Jordan breaks the silence. typical Jordan for ya. "OH MY GOSH BAE ARE YOU OK MY LITTLE BEAUTY! And I still wonder how she looks so beautiful even when she's at her worst state she still looks FLAWLESS if I were her I would look like Yezma from emperors new groove and Temone from the lion king had a BABY"! She laughed at her last remark. I looked up at Taylor with our matching slushy's in our hands and I give him the biggest smirk I think Jordan caught on and made all the boys and her and Mahogany got down to the cafeteria to go and buy drinks. Once they left I patted a seat next to me on the hospital bed. He gladly excepted my offer and we laid in each others arms for a couple minutes until I felt Taylor shift his head to my slushy and drink out of it. "Hey! Get your own Cracker Jack". He chuckled at my remark. "I'm sorry babe but your slushy tastes better and I'm thirsty". He said chuckling. "I love you, You know that". I cooed. He looked down and placed his warm soft lips on mine I swear they fit together like a puzzle piece. "Mhmm and I love you more than all the galaxy's in the whole universe". He cooed. We kissed for a couple more minutes until everybody came back Taylor stayed next to me while we ate and until the doctor wanted to run a couple more tests again to make sure I could keep on tour. I have a lavender pastel baby purple cast on and the whole group already signed it. Before I changed and got ready to go home Jordan gave me the you better explain as soon as you get home. I shook my head as if we were reading each others minds. After I got dressed I got wheeled down to the lobby and released I can't wait until I start tour again. Next stop is Arizona. Once we got back to the hotel Jordan dragged me into the elevator with Taylor helping me and the guys getting ready to go to the pool before we leave tomorrow. Once we got in our Hotel room she made us both sit down. "Explain Now". She told us. Taylor laced my fingers with mine and we both looked up at her and smiled. "Aww really"!!!!! She squealed in excitement. We looked at each other and kissed. "I love y'all". she exclaimed. "So how are you and Jack"? I asked changing the subject. " Oh yeah well about that we both felt that it wasn't working out very well and decided to break up we were both very calm about it and discussed why we should break up in a calm cool and collected manner". She said. "Why did you break up with him"? I asked. "I just never felt that spark anymore and you taught me it's not worth wasting your time for someone you don't have feelings for anymore so we broke up and we are good friends". She exclaimed calm as if the break up didn't fraise her. "Ok well as long as you had a good reason". I reasoned with her. "Well it's really late I still don't know why the boys went swimming at this hour I'm going to get ready for bed and you my prince get some sleep to because we have a long plane ride tomorrow". I informed both of them. "ok well Good night". Finally I feel in to a deep sleep.

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