chapter 1 The love of my life (My story)

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My day had finally come as I stood in front of the mirror in my room wearing my white wedding dress and my long white Veil, my wedding dress was a ball gown dress with no netting as I hated netting and always thought it made the dress look old, it was covered with big gems and diamond on the dress to make it look more expensive

my long brown silky hair was let down with curls, my blue eyes looks into the mirror as the reflection looked back at me. I turned around as I grabbed the box that was on my bed and opened the lid and saw white shoes that lay there all neatly. The shoes where five inch high. and where pure white that was covered in diamond, I sat down on the bed as I took the shoes out of the box and put them on, and my diamond bracelet that James gave to me as a birthday present with a plain and simple necklace that had a tiny small diamond in it.

I looked in the mirror for the third time to make sure I looked ok and then felt butterflies in my stomach as I was so nervous about this day, but I know deep down that I was going to be fine as I was marrying the man that I loved so much.

I lifted my veil from my face as I was still standing in front of the mirror and then started saying the word 'I do' then again 'I do take you to be my husband' gosh it was more nerve racking than ever. I never felt so nervous in my life well apart from the time that James asked me out for the first time.

I looked around my room were there was clothes scatted all over the bed and make-up that laid on the table I made my way to the bed and sat down and waited for my best friend to come up to let me know when it was time for me to go down.

James and I had been together for 3 years and we finally decided to get married after he had the nerves to ask me, we met at college as we were both doing the same course we got on really well and then became good friends we shared everything together and told each other everything. James was 23 when he proposed to me he took me to the restaurant that I loved and then proposed to me in front of everyone I was so happy I was over the moon.

James was a normal looking guy his brown hair, which was rich and full, was kept swept off his face in stylish spikes, he was almost 6 foot tall with slightly tanned and muscular build from spending years in the gym. His eyes were large and blue.

James had a tiny small deep cut on the corner of his eyes where he had a car crash when he was in the car with his parents.

James did not have a family as his parents died in the car crash when he was 12, he was an only child. Since James was an only child he was dying to have children of his own.

James became a superstar actor after he went to college. He got selected at the top university after getting all top marks at college and from there he continued doing drama and then started appearing on TV as a TV extra he first appeared on The Bill as a teenager boy who witness a crime, he became so good at his background role that he got Promoted and starting appearing more on TV programs like Holby city, Hollyoaks, Diagnosis murder, Eastenders and Scrubs. James then started appearing in films. At the age of 23 James had done many films and was working his way up to become bigger and better. As time went on James was well known as the hottest actor and the best actor and won at least 7 awards for his great movies that he did.

As James was a superstar actor this meant that my wedding was going to be a big wedding with all actors and actress there with their family and loved one. And the press where going to be at my wedding to which is going to annoying but I was marrying a superstar actor.

As for me well my story is very sad, you see I was an orphan at the age of 2 my mum died when she gave birth to me so I never meet her or know her at all so from that day my father brought me up, we were very poor and could not afford to eat, my dad had no work as he was made redundant, as for that we had no money coming in at all. Sometime my father had to beg for money on the streets. He told me that sometimes he was called a savage but he did not care as long as I was feed he was happy. As a year went on my dad saved some money and put it aside for my future he cared for nothing but me and would do anything to keep me alive. A year later he died of starvation.

I did not get into university but decide to write my own books I didn't get very far but I had made a start on my first book.

My friend came running in to my room and smiled and looked at me I looked back at her and smiled too.

"Ok Alyssa you ready to do this" said my friend June as she looked at me from head to toe and then hugged me.

June has been my best mate from the day I met her at school, she was different from the rest of the people I know she was always there when I needed to talk to someone she was very supported with what I did, she was fun to be with and would always make you feel happy, even though she came from a big family she would always treat me like a sister, June's family was very welcoming and friendly but after she finished school her father died of a heart attack and left the family with debts that they could not pay for so her older sister who was married had to sell her house to get money to pay off the debt in her mums house, her mum was really grateful of course but she punished herself that her own daughter had to sell her house for her.

Her sister started living in a flat with her husband and daughter, but she never complained about it at all she was always happy and never showed that she was sad of unhappy.

I put the veil in front of my face and then made my way downstairs with June and into the car where there was a photographers everywhere taking photos of me as I got into the car and to the church where my prince charming was waiting for me.

I finally got to the church I got out of the car holding on to my best friends hand as she took me into the hall. I walked and looked at James, I finally made it as I was now standing next to James as I looked at him and smiled and held his hand. We both looked at the priest and waited, waited now to say the word 'I do'

The priest said his bit and then waited for us to say I do, I looked at James and then said to him,

"James since the day I saw you I know that we were meant to be together, we shared everything together and I stand here today and ready to say I do, I do love you so much and I hope this well last forever and ever because I love you so much" I said then put the ring on his finger and then waited for him to say his words to me.

"Alyssa when I first saw you I thought to myself that is one beautiful girl that I have ever seen. I did not have a family or any sibling but when I meet you I was over the moon I felt I had a best friend that I could share everything with and then I finally decided to ask your hand in marriage and to my surprise you said yes. Dear Alyssa I love you so much and I hope we stay like this forever and ever I will love you tell the day I die" he said as he put the ring on my finger.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" said the priest.

I looked at James and smiled; he lifted the veil off my face and leaned in to kiss me.

Everyone got up and starting cheering and clapping as we both walked out of the church and to the car. I sat in the car and then threw the flowers back I turned around to see who got it and it was June, I waved at her and everyone else as the car started pulling away. The press where taking photos of James and I in the car. And finally we where let at last to be together as we sat in the car to take us to our new home.

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