Untitled Part 4

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I heard someone's voice interupting my oh so weird dream that no one needs to know what it was about. Mr.Phills was shouting at the top of his lungs. I knew what that meant....my ass is grass. I immediately flew out of bed and ran down stairs only to be greeted with a stinging slap across my face. Great he wants to turn me into a blow fish " Next time dont be late" he boomed. I did the polite thing and looked down at my feet.He flew me a paper with my chores for the day. " Have them done by the end of the day or else..." he warned. "yes master" i mumbled. As soon as he was out of sight i ran up to my room to take a shower i changed into some worn out jeans and a tee shirt and got started on my chores.

First thing was the dishes. I walked into the kitchen and found that it was already done. Next was to dust the china, it was already done to... okay... weird. Everytime i went to do a chore on my list it was already done. Either this house has ghosts or it cleans itself. Since i really had nothing to do i grabbed something i eat quickly before getting caught and went up to my room. I dropped myself on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Then there was a knock on the door. "SLAVE!!!" without i even thinking i darted to the door opening it to see Brandon. I hold my chest letting out a sigh of relief. I tapped Brandon on his chest. " You scared me" "what?" he chuckled and sat on my bed i closed the door behind me and joined him on the bed sitting idian style. " I thought you were master" he laughed "seriously?" "yes and stop laughing" i playfully punched him.

He layed down next to me ans stared up at me. his grey eyes staring into my soul making me feel a little uncomforable. I cleared my throat "what?" he sighed sitting up and watched me dead in the eye. " I have something i need to tell you" he looked serious. "what" i said a little afraid of what he might say next. He sighed and ran his hand through his black silky hair. "I'm not the Phills driver..." I eyed him carefully. " Then who are you?..." He took a while before he said " I'm their son..." 

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