Shit bouta get real

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When we got home i got in the shower and ty came in there with me. I think he want some and i do to honestly.

Me: what you doin bae

Ty: getin in the shower with my girl

We washed up and when we was boutta get out he pinned me on the wall and picked me up i wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck he started kissing my neck then my lips we got out never breaking the kiss and he layed me down on the bed

Ty:yoy ready ma

Me:yasss babby

(Yall no what happens next i dont really no how to write these parts)

The next day

Me:baby i can barely walk

Ty:thats good i putt it down last night but i cam inside you what if you are pregnant

Me:ummm idk but if i am its okay we can handle it

I honestly dont want my baby born in this lifestyle but an abortion is out of the question

I love mya and i would love to have a kid but right now isnt the best time

Two weeks later

Mya: babe its ready

Me: what does it say

Mya: positive babby we havin a babby

When she said that i didnt no how to feel but i was thinkin maybe we can leave the game we got 3 million dollars and respcet what more do we need and also maybe leave the state go to texas or something so we have no worries. I talked to mya and she said she wanted to stay here it may be because she is more powerful than me now and she is more like the king but its about our child now nun of that matters.

Me: so babby we got some people to go kill and money to get but ill take someone else because i dont want you in the mix of this stuff anymore

Mya: so im just out the game now

Me: nah just most of the action okaay

Mya: yea babby be safe

An hour later
So me and some of my niggas here at this spot we killed everyone and took the money but something feels off i just cant put my finger on it. On the way back to the house we counted the money and made small talk. It was me chris wayne and drake. We walked in the house and after lookin everywhere i found a note but no mya. After i read the note i knew something was wrong ealier and this was it.SHIT BOUTTA GET REAL

Soooo what yall think happend huhhh
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