The Night Alison Disappeared

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Hanna's POV
We were all in the barn house having a sleepover at Spencer's. Allison wanted to try this hypnosis thing on us and we all agreed but Spencer asked why we always follow her with her crazy experiments. But we all went along with is, so we sat in a circle and she told us to clear or minds and let her work her magic.

We all fell asleep during the hypnosis thing. That stuff really works. I don't know how long we slept, but after a while Aria woke us up. She said she couldn't find Allison or Spencer. Out of nowhere, Spencer was standing in the barn entrance. She told us that she couldn't find Allison, but she heard her scream.

We all so freak out and we all ran out the barn to look but then I thought maybe it was just a prank they were trying to pull on us. So I tell Emily that maybe its a prank so we stop looking and walk over to Spencer

Hanna: OK Spencer and Ally we played your game you had us scared for a little bit so Ally you can come out now

Spencer: What are you talking about?

Emily: We know y'all just pranking us, so cut the bull shit

Spencer: No bull shit going on, I really can't find Ally. I heard a scream and I think she was kidnapped

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