Chapter 4 "Don't Tease Me!

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Everyone kept on teasing Kate. It is obvious that Jake doesn't like her. She is hurt by that mere fact, but she still believes that maybe he'll like her in the end.

She feels pathetic that she still holds to that little light of hope. Right now, she feels like everyone's not noticing her.

Kate kept on bothering some of her classmates so that they'll notice her. She felt lonely.

Her classmates were talking about Valentines Day. Some already decided their partners, but Jake and Harry hasn't decided yet.

The girls in her class kept bothering Jake the most since a few girls like him. Kate just sat on her seat watching all of them.

"Hey Jake! Who'll be your partner for Valentines?" a girl asked. Kate was curious about what they were talking about so she went closer to them.

"I don't want a partner." Jake sighed, but the girls were persistent on getting him a partner.

Kate was a bit happy that Jake didn't want a partner. "If I can't be his partner, then no one can be his partner." She smiled as she thought of it.

Her smile faded when she heard another girl say "Hmmp... It must be Kayla, because they are so close!"

Kate felt so sad that there is a possibility for Kayla to be his partner. Kayla has a perfect figure, smart, and cool.

"I told you, I don't want a partner!" He insisted, and walked out of the room.

Shera asked Kate if she had a partner Kate's reply was "My partner is the beautiful wall, he is always there for me."

Her friend was dumbfounded at what she said. After a while of silence, both of them burst into laughter.

"I'll never ever get a partner, neither can I make him like me even a little bit." Kate sighed and went to the canteen.

Lunch time was over and the teacher wasn't there yet. "She must be busy." She whispered to Sally who sat close to her.

Everyone made a lot of noise after confirming that the teacher can't go to their classroom.

Kate's POV

I went to Shera's place and looked at her drawings. I hugged her because I felt lonely.

"She wants to be noticed!" Harry said

"Got a problem bruh?" I replied with an irritated tone in my voice.

"No, not really. Just wanted to tease you." He said as he laughed at the fact that he was able to irritate me.

Ugh! I hate him from the bottom of my heart! When will he stop annoying me! "Okay, since you don't have anything else to say... Bye!" I said as I walked towards my seat.

Some guy bumped into me as I was walking. "Fuck." I whispered, sorry for the bad language.

He didn't say sorry. Oh well, he is busy.... Busy running that is. I finally reached my seat! I looked around if there were people near me. There were only a few. They were Jake, Mike, and Izzy.

"I'm such a loner..." I layed my head on the table trying to lock out the noise far far away and fall in a deep sleep.

But I can't do that. They were too noisy and I wasn't sleepy anymore. Just let me relax for a little bit. Before I could fall in a deep slumber, some students called us so that we can practice for the dance.

The horror... I'm already tired!

School ended with me exhausted from jumping around. The dance had some weird moves that I don't understand.

The next day~~~~

Their teacher posted a sign for an essay contest. Kate wanted to join. So did her friends! Only a few people can get picked though.

"It seems like Sally is absent. She must be sick, yesterday her temperature was 36.9°." Shera sighed, "I'm lonely..."

"Don't worry! I'm here with you!" Kate proudly said.

Kate went back to her seat after chatting with Shera. A sharp pain suddenly hit her. She had an awful head ache.

She massaged her forehead to ease down the pain. The pain decreased a bit and she sighed in relief. The head ache came back and she banged her head on the wall.

"Kate, are you okay?" Jake asked.

Kate didn't talk but gave him a thumbs up instead. She thought that she could handle the pain. She hit her head a few times and didn't tell anyone else that she had a head ache.

English Period~~~

Kate stood up to do her oral summary about the book she read. When she was in the middle of explaining chapter 3 of her book, she fainted.

Kate's POV

"..... They were in the hall watching the play that was organized by Pierre--" everything went dark...

What's happening? I can hear voices around me. I feel like I'm floating? This is weird...

I opened my eyes a little bit and saw someone. A boy, is carrying me?

Third-Person POV

Kate closed her eyes as the pain hit her again. She was now later down on the clinic bed.

The nurse put some ice on her head to decrease the pain. After that, Kate fell asleep.


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