Chapter 1

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 *BEEP* *BEEP*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I turned over to my right side, too turn my alarm off....                                                                                                    Ugh I'm starting at my new school today 'westside high school' yeah! I can't wait 

*hint the sarcasm* 

I hate school, and I'm quiet Well I am when you first meet me, but afterwards u will not find a way too shut me up! So nobody's likes me really, back home I only had 4 real friends and I had to leave them!

Anyway, here I am getting ready for school {outfit on the side} my hair is Curly so I keep it down all the time, there isn't much u can do with it, and right now I don't want to straighten it, I put my everyday make~up on, and walked down stairs, to meet my parents,
"Hello darling" my dad said
"Hi"I mumbled
"See your still upset about moving then, huh?" My mum asked
"Me, oh no, of course I loved moving to a different state and away from all my friends, to people I don't even know, I just love it" I answered
"Don't be a sarcastic, with me Ella"
"Me, being sarcastic never" and I walked away!
Sometimes I really hate my parents, like they made me move from california, yeah that's where I lived to omaha,Nebraska.
So here I am walking to this school, to see new people, to start my new life in omaha.
*skip to school*
Here I am at the entrance of the school, I take a deep breath and walked in, I kept walking to the doors, and I feel everyone's eyes on me, I hate this already, I made my way to the office.
"Hello how can I help you" the women behind the desk said with a fake smile
"Hi.. I'm new to this school I need a time-table" I replied with no expression
"Oh your Ella-Rose Smith, oh yes, I have your time table right here, wait it was here a minute ago one second"
Wow what a way to start a day..
"And here you go Ella-Rose, there will be a boy to show u around, and there he comes" I turned around to be faced with a pretty attractive guy, actually fuck that he is a sexy guy!
"Hi I'm Sam wilkinson" he sayed and came closer to my face and whispered
"But you, will call me daddy"

Okay, so how was the first chapter? I wanna know if you all liked it:) it will get better I promise! And then you will all understand why the title is 'master'
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