My bae was mad I don't mention Lauren much and that she wants Lauren to find love. She will I swear just chill. U gotta wait guis.

"Bye Milton." I say, giving him a small hug and a smile. This would probably be the last time we meet on good terms. When I turned, Daryl was giving me a look. I got in the back, crossing my legs. As we drove, Daryl would look at me through the mirrors every once and a while.

"Daryl is there a problem?"

"I just was curious about your friend back there." He mutters. I scrunched up my eyebrows. Milton? Was he jealous of Milton?

"Daryl I know you are not getting jealous of Milton. He's bit my type, he's just nice."

"Well out wasn't hard to see how he felt about you."

"Does it matter how he feels about me. Come on now Daryl, don't start a fight over this." He huffed, not saying anything. "You're actually jealous aren't you? He's like Steve Urkle. I'm not leaving you for him." I tease.

"Whatever." He says. I smile, Daryl was jealous. I probably shouldn't be laughing, I would probably be the same if he was hugging with some girl, but Milton? Who does he think I am.

"Would you two stop arguing. I don't care about your couple arguments."

"Shut up Rick." I say. I cross my arms and sit back.

"Milton is kind of hot though, I mean grow out his hair and take off his glasses-"

"Shut up."Daryl says. I smile, looking out the window.


About a week later, I was holding Zeke and Judith was laying on the sheet in front of me. They were preparing for the governor to attack. Me and Lauren took kid duty.

"You really do look great." She says.

"Thanks." I turn to her, she had her hair in a bun, and her skin looked as great as ever. "I can say the same. My face is almost always pink. And your hair looks nice." She smiles, kind of looking at me like I looked at Daryl. I dismissed it, it was her smile. I place Zeke down, him and Judith eyeing one another. They reached at one another, not really able to move. I turned back to Lauren, being met by soft lips. She over powered me in my surprised state, sitting on my lap and grabbing my face with her hands. I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to stay friends with her. She finally pulled away, both of us out of breath. My cheeks were wet, but I wasn't crying. Looking up I saw her face was red and her eyes were dripping with tears.

"Lauren, I'm sorry, but I don't like you in that way." She snatches the bun out her hair, getting up angrily. She wiped her face, making some make up come of. It was so subtle I hadn't noticed.

"I know, but I thought I would try." She said, storming off. I was about to run after her until I heard an explosion. I was knocked to my feet from the shaking ground. I got up, but another explosion went off but closer. I heard gun shots. I heard a pained yell, coming from where Lauren was. I ran towards her, seeing her on the ground. Her knife was sticking out her thigh. She grabbed it but let it go.

"I fell on it." She cried. I looked at it, it was deep.

"You need stitches." I say. "I'll get Hershel."

"You can't go out there you'll get shot. You have to do it." I nod, dragging her to over where the kids were. I got supplies, going as fast as I could. I gripped the knife, bracing myself.

"Catherine wait, count down."

"At seven. One, two, three, four-" I quickly ripped it out, causing Lauren to scream loudly. I got out the alcohol, opening the bottle. I didn't know how to make this not suck.

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