Chapter 116

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"Ash, it's absolutely ruined!" I yelled. He shushed me again. I whispered, "Sorry." Then Ash said, "I told Luke and he said he would go over to Future Shop and ask if shattered iPhone 5's are able to be fixed there." I nodded. I said to him, "So when you were trying to read his texts, you must've dropped it somewhere?" He nodded guiltily.

Nicole: It's okay. Just keep it away from Calum. How often does Calum use his phone?

Ash: Well he only uses it for texting and phoning people.

Nicole: Then he uses it right.

*Door opens and Ash and Nicole gasp*

Luke: Don't worry. It's just me. (Closes door)

Nicole: Good. So can they fix it?

Luke: Yes, they can. But it's $70.

Ash: Oh, my gosh. I don't have that money. Got any ideas, guys?

Nicole: (smirks)

Ash: Nicole? I see you have an idea.

Nicole: I do. But it's pretty cruel.

Ash: Anything will work!

Nicole: Well, because its Calum's iPhone, Calum should use his own money. You know, from his own wallet.
Inside his own jeans pocket. Do you get what I'm saying?

Luke: Oh! I get it! We ask Calum to pay. Brilliant! Then we won't have to spend any money. Good idea!

Nicole: No, Luke. Not ask. Remember? Calum doesn't know his iPhone is broken.

Luke: Oh, yeah.

Nicole: I was saying that we need to pick-pocket Calum for his wallet, take $100 from him, and spend that money for his iPhone.

Ash: $100? It only costs $70.

Nicole: $10 for you, $10 for Luke and $10 for me.

(Ash and Luke laugh)

Nicole: Just kidding. I'm not that cruel... Wait. Yes, I am. But anyway, I'm not going to do that. We're just gonna take $70.

Luke: So who's gonna take the wallet?

Nicole: I can. I'm pretty good at pick-pocketing. By the way, here's your keys back, Ash.

Ash: Hey! What the -- ?

Nicole: I'm kidding! I got it off the counter!

(Everyone laughs)

Nicole: Okay, I'm gonna go pick-pocket Calum.

Luke: Wait! Be careful. He's got skinny jeans on.

Nicole: So did Harry but I've still got his keychain, don't I?

Ash: You what?

I walked out of Ashton's room silently. It's true. I did once pick-pocket Harry when 1D came to take care of me when the guys were gone. And I do not regret it. He probably didn't even know it was gone. Anyway, I went into the kitchen and saw Calum was turned around. I looked at his back pockets as saw a lump on it. Wow, this feels weird staring at Calum's butt. Anyway, I walked over I him and started to go through the steps. The steps are pretty critical. I mean, if you don't do them right, your whole plan is destroyed. Even the tiniest mistake can get you caught.

STEP #1: Distraction.

"So, Calum, whatcha' making for lunch?" I said. He responded, "I'm making grilled cheese sandwiches with soup." I started to talk about my favourite food and Calum's favourite food.



I took a deep breath and tried to make my heart beat go a little slower. It took several seconds, but I succeeded.



I slowly hovered my hand over Calum's right butt cheek -- Oh, my god, that sounds weird -- and lightly touched the wallet. He didn't notice.



I continued to slide the wallet out of Calum's pocket as I used my other hand to distract Calum. I opened the pepper cupboards and touched every one saying, "Why do we have so many peppers?" He responded, "Well certain food need different flavours." I said, "Thank you," as I walked out of the kitchen with Calum's wallet in my hand.



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