I watched the natural child births. I was actually moved, I almost cried. I had to punch a kitten to feel manly again. Just kidding, but it wasn't that bad.


I wake up with a cover covering me. I look over, seeing Carol holding my baby in her arms. I sat up, groaning from the soreness.

"Keep it easy. Daryl wanted you to rest so I didn't wake you up this morning. I'll have someone bring you some food." She comes over to me, putting the baby in my arms. I looked down, it was a boy. He was stretching, waving his arms at me. I took his arm and softly waved it around. He smiled, exposing his gums at me. He put his other hand in his mouth, drooling all over it.

"Here you go." Daryl says, walking into the room. He takes the baby, handing me a tin of food. I eat at it, watching him play with the baby.

"Little ass kicker." He says, rubbing his stomach.

"I thought that was for Judith."

"There can be two ass kickers."

"No there can't, that'll be confusing."

"Fine, what about the nut cracker."

"Who about Zeke for a nickname, not something make makes him sound like a stripper."

"Whatever." Zeke starts fussing, waving his arms around. "What's up with you?" Daryl says, poking at his face.

"He might be hungry."

"I just fed 'em."

"Did you burp him?" Daryl gave me a look, like I was speaking another language.

"Why would I do that?"

"Daryl have you ever dealt with a baby ever in your life?"

"No, It's always been me and Merle."

"Well babies get gas and they cant really do anything about it themselves so you have to but them on their stomachs and pat their backs lightly to let them get it out." Daryl huffs and puts the baby on his lap. "Hold his head." I remind.

"I know. I'm not dumb." He pats his back a few times, nothing really happening. The baby let out a small burp then white barf spewed from his mouth. Daryl moved his hand away, shaking off the vomit. I laughed, causing Daryl to give me a look.

"I don't like this." He grunts.

"Well you know what, you can give birth next time and I'll get thrown up on." He makes a mad face but doesn't say anything.

"Here take your baby while I get this stuff off me, it's sinking into my pants and it's not a good feeling."

"So now that's he's thrown up on you he's my baby." I called after him.

"Damn right." He calls back. I smile, watching as Zeke swing his arm at me.

"Good one." I say, letting him hit my hand.

Few days later I guess

"You sure you feel good enough for this." Daryl asks me.

"That's the third time you've asked me that. If I wanted to change my mind I would've already." I say, making sure my guns were fully loaded. I put some extra ammo in my back pocket.

"I have to say you look great, it took me forever to lose my baby fat. You look just as good." Carol says.

"Are you kidding? My stomach is covered in stretch marks and it's all flabby." I complain.

"Better than how I look now." She says.

"That's not true. Is it Daryl?" He looks at us both, not knowing what to say.

"Hey Daryl, come here a second." Rick calls. I give Carol a look. I knew that was some sort of bro code thing.

"I should get going." I say. I put my hair in a quick messy bun thing, putting my belt on. Just incase I took off my boot and put a pocket knife under my foot. It was a little uncomfortable so I put it horizontally behind my foot instead.

"You ready to go?" Rick asks me.

"Yeah." I say. I follow him, getting into the car. Daryl got in the passenger seat, Rick driving and me in the back. After about an hour or so of driving, we arrive at an abandoned area. There were three figures outside, two men and a woman.

Rick went straight inside, leaving me and Daryl. I almost stopped, scowling at the female. Andrea. She seemed just as displeased to see me. I ignored her, standing next to Daryl with both my guns out. They were in my hands, just for emergencies.

"Shocked to see you." She spat at me.

"I can say the same, I was happy you were left behind."

"Weren't you passed out the last time I saw you."

"Yeah, which makes it even more sad no one saved your old pasty ass."

"Catherine chill." Daryl says. I bite my tongue, looking over to the other ones. There was a more tough looking guy and a pale white guy with glasses on holding a clip board. Why he was chosen is a mystery to me.

"Why are you unarmed?" I ask him.

"I'm his advisor." He says. He was adorable, like a innocent little puppy. I felt kind of bad he was tied in with this guy. "Milton." He said, holding out his hand."

"Catherine." I say with a smile.

"You have to be the nicest impression a person has made on me so far."

"I guess it's my state of mind." I gave me a look that told me to explain. "I just had a baby. About a week ago."

"That's great, I would have never thought there would be any more babies."

"It kind of feels great knowing I'm bringing something so beautiful to the world."

"Is the father still around." I nod, pointing at Daryl. "That's nice, you have a family."

"I would've never thought I would." I say. I heard a moan, setting Daryl and the other guy walk towards it. I pulled both my guns, walking behind them. A few zombies walk over and I see them both kind of try to out kill each other. I took my eyes, boys.

"When you two are done wetting your panties to see who can get the bigger wet spot, I'll be over here."

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