Chapter 2

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"Honey wake up and get your breakfast" mom said as she shooked me.

I slowly dragged myself out of bed. When I was walking down the stairs I saw PANCAKES. I ran and almost tripped many times.

"Hurry up you have a hour before you need to start walking to school" my dad yelled from the living room.

Wait when did he even get in there. He was sitting right next to me? I guess pancakes make me zone out because of how good they are. I know what your thinking she just got there yesterday. I know my parents are some crazy freaks about education.

When I finished I put it in the sink and ran up stairs to get ready. I put on a black skater skirt and a white crop top with Mickey Mouse on it and I threw on black vans. I did natural makeup and put on some lipgloss. I threw my hair up into a messy bun. Atleast I looked halfway decent.

I told my parents bye and walked out the door and started walking. I finally got there it was only about a 5 minute walk. When I got into the school I went into a room im guessing is the front office. The lady in there gave me a glare. Can you be any ruder?

"Can I have my schedule? My name is Carter Seago." She threw the paper at me. Rude.

There is nobody in the hallway. Crap I have to walk into class late. I looked down at my schedule I had science first. As I approached room 202 I took a deep breathe and walked in. Everyone was staring at me. The teacher nooded to a seat in the back it was the only one open.

I quickly sat down and looked who I was sitting next to. There was a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. When he saw I was staring at him he smirked. I can already tell I dont like him, but he is really hot. I dozed off for the rest of the class until I heard the bell ring and I got all my stuff and walked out the door.

I felt a hand grab my wrist. What the hell? I turned around as saw the boy from earlier.

"The names matt." He smirked

"Carter" I stated as I pulled his arm off my wrist and walked away.

The rest off the day went by fast. But, then it got to lunch. I sat down at a empty table. Im not very good at making friends. I saw matt walk in with a girl clinging to his arm. I rolled my eyes. He was walking straight towards me. Please be walking past me. He sat down right across from me.

"What you cant make friends" he said as the blonde girl that was clinged to his side giggled.

"And you dont know how to get a better hoe clinged to you" i grunted as the blonde chick got up mad.

"Fiesty I like that" Matt said as he walked off to go find that hoe.

I ate the rest of my lunch and went to my locker. On my way there i saw matt making out with that girl right infront of my locker. You got to be kidding me.

"Can you move?" I scoffed.

"Why are you jealous?" He smirked

"Jealous that your infront of my locker. Nah i dont think so" i stated.

He just started making out with that girl again. Matt didnt even move. You got to be kidding me. I walked away to my next period. The rest of the day was boring and a blur. Well I met a friend named Mahogany. She had ornage-brownish curly hair and had freckles on her face.

I started walking home and car pulled up right beside me. I got scared so started walking faster. The person rolled down there window and asked if I wanted a ride. I looked and it was matt.

"Im fine" I spat.

"If you say so" he said as he drove off.

I finally made it home. My legs hurt I should of got a ride from matt. When I walked in I noticed our furniture was there.

"Did you have a great day at school?" I shrugged to my mom as I was walking up stairs. Im exausted I said to myself as I laid my head on the pillow. I quickly fell asleep.

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