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"O M G!

Look at me!!!!

I have the most cute Little baby kitty!

He's so fluffy and so cute!

I just want to eat him up with my mornin fruit!

I want to pet him and love him and give him snuggly snuggs!

Then I will take his cute little kitten body and give it a nice big hug!"

My friend looks at me with a strange face

"Are you OK? You look creepy hugging that kitten all over the place"

There I am, a 22 years old, large, hairy, guy hugging a kitten, talking to it like a baby

"Your creepin me out man seriously. You want to ease up maybe?"

Me: "But he's the cutest little kitten in the world!"

"I want to hold him forever and give him little kisses until he's all curled"


"Awww he just meowed like a little cutey"

"There's something wrong with you." I reply, "What? Don't be so moody"

"I shall call you Mr. Snuggly. Cause you can snuggle"

The kitten stops climbing up my chest as he starts to struggle

"Good lord he's mentally challenged again"

My friend says, "I feel like I'm in that novel "Of Mice and Men" "

I ask, "What are you talking about? Don't you like kittens with fluff?"

"Yeah sure. I just don't like you acting like your mom dropped you on your head and stuff"

"Alright let's go man I'm getting tired"

"We came here and you got to pet the Kitty as your heart desired"

"Alright fine. Bye Mr. Snuggles. I'll miss your little cute, fluffy, mushy face so much!"

"Goodbye baby kitty! You were so soft to the touch!"

My friend and I got up and left the kittens, and headed out of the pet store

That is until we came across a sign that my buddy looked at and swore

"Pet the Puppies, Isle 9" My eyes widened as I turn to look at him with a glow

He looked at the sign then at me and said, "Fuck no!"

"So I'm really clam and like chill and don't really get excited too much. But if I see kittens or puppies I go nuts and want to pet them talk to them like their my babies. And I'm a big guy, and i'm kind of hairy, and you look at me and you see me doing that you'd be like, "What the hell? That is creepy!" lol If Its fluffy and Its cute I will go nuts! XD" - Han_Man

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