Chapter 2

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I packed up my small rucksack, and headed back towards my bike. I remembered I had to be back home in 5 minutes if I wanted to have any dinner. By bike it will take about 3 and a half minutes, that is assuming there is no traffic. And as I well know, that is rarely the case.

I ran through the trees, to find my bike quickly. I threw my backpack into the front basket. I held the steer firmly as I lugged my self up. My hair was still wet but hopefully I can persuade my parents that I had gone for a run and it was just sweat. They don't exactly agree with my attraction to the beach, as they would say "it's a dangerous place to be alone". To witch I strongly disagree but in my saying that it usually sparks a civil war between the members of my household, the members being my younger brother, joe, my father my mother and my older sister Liv. And of course myself.

I arrived home after a 4.20 minute ride, so I made it in time to revive my share of pasta. Not that I was particularly lucky as my mothers cooking could be improved... Greatly. I sat down by the table, reviving a most deathly stare by liv, (we have never really gotten on) and a half hearted wave from joe (we got on significantly better that Liv and I ever have) My mother politely asked were I had been. I simply told her I had been on a stress reliving run, to witch she nodded her head as If to say "very well" my dad patted me on the back and said "hey kiddo" he always calls me that, I can't understand why, I'm 15 and I certainly do not act like a "kiddo"

After dinner I decided to explain to my parents why it was necessary to excuse me from the table as I had a large pile of home work on my desk that had all not been started. But really I didn't have it in me to have a civil conversation with my deathly boring family members, and believe me when I say that's hardly an exaggeration of the term deathly boring.

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