an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color

Music is unprecedented. it is compelling, sensual, memorable, alluring, but most of all it is unifying. Music is the one thing that brings people with substantial differences to come together and relish to the cadency of the artist melody. Music is unpredictable, it makes things happen and people matter and the birth place of all this centralization is the Rock Show.

this is the story of a perplex, devotion filled boy and his trip to discovering the true meanings of love, hurt, deception, and reinventing himself.

and this is where it begins.


"lonely as i am, together we fall"'

micheal clifford is an ordinary boy.

age 19, height 6'1, current hair color purple.

michael like all teenage kids went through his tough deliemmas throughout his years for example, having a 2 year relationship and getting cheated on by the girl he absolutley adored, his parents divorcing at the age of 9, and going through a stage of depression at he age of 13, but michael one day found his outlet in life. which was going to concerts.

one day michaels best friend calum had made michael accompany him to a concert their favorite band, green day was hosting and this had changed michaels life forever. he found out that being in that scene was one of the best things he ever experienced in his life and he just cant get enough.
so ever since that day michael has non-stop been attending concerts as a relief system.

currently the young michael clifford is enjoying himself at a red hot chili peppers concert where he was surrounded by individuals who were burnt out and wasted out of their minds trying to get away from society and entering into a world where problems dont exist.

michael at the moment was trying to get over his ex-girlfriend the beautiful lily richards. lily richards was your typical high school brainiac. she had long beautiful brown hair, thick black glasses that made her emerald green eyes captivate anyone who meets her, and stunning porcelain skin that is to die for.

poor michael was on his way to suprise his "loving" girlfriend with a get better soon gift since supposably lily was out sick with the flu, but to michaels expense he found his allegedly loyal girlfriend locking lips with the schools teacher assistant and the story behind it was apparently ryan the teacher assistant was just there to drop of some work that lily had been missing.

its been 3 weeks since the tragic incident and michael has been in a rough patch, but tonight was different because he was in a different universe where lily didnt exist, or ryan, nor his parents.

only him.

as "under the bridge" finished, they countinued with michaels favorite "scar tissue"

michael was swaying to the beat of the drums when his eyes landed on her.

the first thing that came into mind when his eyes laid on her was "radiant"

this enigmatic girl that was unknown to michael was violet. violet may. not many people know who violet is or her story, but everybody that encounters her are bewitched by her exquisite blue almost grey eyes. violet is 5'4 with raven black hair that reaches to the small of her back. she is that girl on the street that you pass by and you fantasise "what is it like to see behind those peircing blue eyes", but in reality she is not thinking about something thought-provoking, she is most likely thinking about the kittens she passed by on the way to the market or how she left her oven on.

she was dancing to the song, head banging and all. though little violet was enjoying herself, she was completely unaware of the purple haired boy from across the venue watching her.

michael was gratified by this unidentified girl, allured by the way she bobbed her head to the beat, the way she smiled when the guitar will do a riff, the way her eyes dance when the singer sings a lyric and everybody grows exstatic. 

when anthony kiedis started to say goodbye, michael glanced one more time in her direction and didnt expect her to be staring back. micheal was looking at her and she was looking at micheal. he redirected his gaze to the stage and when the concert came to a close, he turned to where she was, but she was no longer there. 

that night when michael arrived back at his apartment that he shared with calum, he went to bed thinking about the anonymous girl that he developed quite an admiration for, but soon let the thought pass by, contemplating that she was some random girl he engaged eye contact with at a concert.

but if only he knew how wrong he was  

Hiiii im so excited for this story, so im hoping you all like it. 

- nicki

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