Carol: Guys we got more dares and questions!

Rainbow: Awesome! Who are they from?

Twilight: OK the question is from orcidthedraconequus and she/he says: Applejack, what if you found out that *cough* me *cough* made you say that you hated apples infrount of your family, what would you do to them?

Applejack: THAT WAS YOU WHO MADE ME SAY THAT!!! And all this time I thought it was discord! Well to answer your question if I truly did hate apples, which I don't I probably have left Sweet Apple Acers a long time ago but I'm glad I don't though cause then I would of never met you guys.

Rarity: Aww we love you to applejack!

Carol: Hey no Rarijack at the moment unless there is a question or dare about it.

Pinkie: OKI DOKI LOKI!!! OK the next one is a dare from sing_song2000: she says: Flutters, i dare you to leave angel in a high tree for one whole day. (and yes you can feed him and nopony likes angel) YIKES!!! Thats alittle harsh!


Twilight: You have to leave angel in a high tree. And nopony likes him.

Fluttershy: Do I have to I couldn't live with myself if I put Angel up in a tree!

Rainbow: If I had to put on a dress then YOU have to put him in a high tree!!

Fluttershy: FINE! *goes and gets angel* Angel I'm only doing this because I was dare. *flies to a high tree and puts angel in it and leaves in tears*

Rarity: I know that was hard to do but you'llget him back in no time.

Fluttershy: OK.

Pinkie: Well as always please leave a question or dare in the comments! :):)

Mane 6: BYE!!!!!!

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