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"Sage, what's wrong?" August reached for my arm but I stepped back only to be met by the stone wall. I looked at Vic as he frowned.

"I'm.. uh nevermind. I don't feel like getting ice cream no more." I said and walked inside, leavin both of them confused.

I stormed upstairs and kicked the door closed. I sat on the edge of my bed and burrowed my fingers through my hair. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked down to the ground. I'm so tired of crying, all over the same thing. The same boy that caused me so much pain. This is not how I pictured my life to be, at all. I never asked for all of this to happen, and it was all his fault.

I sniffed and heard the someone turning the doorknob.

"Leave me alone." I said. Good thing was I locked the door. I didn't felt like being bothered right now. Even though I do crave for someone to hold me right now and tell me that everything I going to be just fine. But I know it won't.

"Come on, Sage. Let me in." I heard Vic say.

I wiped my tears and coughed. "No, leave me alone."

"Can you at least tell me what's going on?" He sighed.

"It's you! You caused all of this." I stood up and unlocked the door and held it open. He stood there and his eyes scanned over my body. I rolled my eyes and led him in.

"Tell me what's going on." Vic sat down on the bed as I closed the door again. I leaned against it and thought about telling him about my pregnancy. I didn't want to keep this a secret for to long and I think it's best to tell him now so he has enough time to get his shit together. If he even considered being in its life.

"I just got a call from my doctor." I began.

He nodded. "Okay, what he say?"

"I'm pregnant, Vic." I blurted out and sighed heavily afterwards. I crossed my arms over my chest as I awaited an answer.

I watched as he rubbed his face down, mumbling some stuff I couldn't make out.

"You keeping it?" He finally said.

"Yes, I'm keeping it. Fuck I look like killing an innocent child."

"Look, chill I didn't mean it like that." He rolled his eyes and reached for my wrist. He pulled me towards him and say me down on his lap. I hesitated at first and felt like standin up but he pushed me back down, gently.


"Nah, just hear me out for a second."

I sighed and prepared myself for another disappointment.

"I know you're scared and that hurt you a lot but I promise you I'm going to take my responsibility and take care of what's mine. I apologize for the things I put you through. It may take you some time to actually believe me and believe me you will not be alone in this, okay?"

I kept quite and wasn't too sure if I had to believe him. Especially knowing how he did Shelby.

"Will see." I just said and he wrapped his arms around my waist and tightly hugged me. I closed my eyes and sighed feeling my cheeks getting wet. I sniffed and he stood up, causing me to stand up too. He dried my tears with his thumbs and sighed. I looked up to him.

"Just don't let me down Victor. I'm not trying to be like Shelby."

At this point he let me go and looked at me.

"Yes, I know. How can I believe you knowing how you treat her and your son. How I know that you will not do the same to me?"

He stared at me and eventually looked away.

"Exactly I don't, but like I said ; We'll see."

I brushed past him and walked downstairs to see Kevin left and August siting down on the couch. When he saw me he sat up and shot me a worried look.

"You okay?" He questioned.

I nodded and placed my self far away from him on the couch. Vic came down and grabbed his jacket from the couch.

"You going?" August asked him.

"Yeah, I will see y'all later." He shot me a small smile before heading out. As the door shut, Aug turned to me.


I shrugged, shaking my head. He bit his lip and nodded.

"You know I'm here to talk of you want. Why you sit so far away?" He chuckled and scooted over. I rubbed my arm and felt slightly uncomfortable.

"He hurt you?" He looked down at my arm.

I shook my head and laid my hand over my stomach. I was afraid to tell August about it. Like who wants a pregnant girl living with you?

"I'm fine." I told him.


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