I'm not surprised to hear Kendall's voice on the other end of this call. I have subconsciously dialed his number before.

"Hello?" Kendall asks.

"Hey." I say.

"What's up?" he asks.

"Nothing. I just wanted to talk." I say simply.

"About?" he asks questioningly.

"I miss you. I miss talking to you and our friends. I miss it all." I say in a sad time.

"Don't worry, baby. It'll get better. Just hold tight." Kendall says soothingly.

"Thanks." I say.

"While we're talking, I need to tell you something." he says seriously.

"What?" I ask, suddenly confused.

"You can't call or text any of us anymore. Me, Aria, Anna, Jasmine, or even Parker." he says, his serious tone continuing.

"Why?" I ask, very confused.

"Jane and Kayla check our phones everyday to see if we've talked to you. Something made her suspicious and now she's taking every measure to make sure that we're loyal to her. We're obviously not, but we don't want her to become to suspicious. She's clever, Autumn. She will stop at nothing to bring you down. Remember that." Kendall says.

"Ok. I will be cautious. But how am I going to talk to you guys?" I ask.

"The classes we have together, we will pretend we're working, while we're actually talking to you." he says triumphantly.

"Okay. Sounds good. I can't wait to se-"

"I'm sorry Autumn. I have to go. Jane and Kayla are coming I'll see you tomorrow." Kendall says, cutting me off.

Kendall's POV:

I quickly delete the call history and block Autumn.

"Who were you talking to, Kendall. I heard the name 'Autumn' and the words 'I'll see you tomorrow.' Are you talking to Autumn?" Jane asks.

I bow down, my nose touching the floor, in a move I like to call 'fake worshipping.'

I see her shadow squat down and she brings her hand to my chin, lifting it up. I stare into her eyes, knowing she's compulsing me into obeying her.

"I was, I am so sorry my beautiful princess. I promise I won't do it again!" I exclaim.

"Of course you won't. I believe you. But certain precautions have to take place." Jane says, pulling me into a bedroom.

She lifts up my chin, making me stare into her eyes while she speaks.

"I will not punish you like I had planned to. Instead, you will do whatever I say. If I want something, you will give it to me. You obey me when I tell you to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING!" Jane says, smiling while I whimper. I nod and she looks triumphant.

*time lapse*

Kendall's POV:

Monday has been torturous so far. I have had to kiss her in front of Autumn, making my heart break when I see tears welling up in her eyes.

We sit together in the library during free period, Jane, Kayla, Aria, Anna, Jasmine, and Parker setting up something in the gym.

"Have you had fun with Jane?" Autumn asks with an ice cold tone.

"No. I hate not being around you. I can't wait for this to all go away so that we can be back together. I hate being with her. She is so cruel." I state honestly.

I see Autumn crack a smile and I know she's thinking the same thing.

"All right. Today's the day. In going to be in the gym during Spanish. Same with all your friends. It's going to be pretend yearbook photos. Someone will call you down on the intercom, probably Parker sounding like an adult, to take the pictures. Then Kayla will close the door behind you and Jane will be there, tying you up very quickly so you don't have time to run. She'll talk and then bring out a stake to kill you. Jasmine quietly drags Kayla off while Aria and Anna tip-toe behind Jane. Jane is to preoccupied with you to notice anything. Aria and Anna grab Jane while Parker sits on her to hold her down. I come and cut the ropes and take you gag off and you yell for Brian and his team. Jane and Kayla get arrested and we all live happily ever after. At least for a short while, we have exams next week. Then graduation the week after that." I tell Autumn. She seems to understand everything and we walk off to the different places, right before the bell rings.

I take a deep breath and get ready for what is about to happen.


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