redecorate chapter 9

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Sebastians P.O.V

Alex had left with her new girlfriend or whatever. Good I don't want to see him. Jocelin and Juliana were still gripping on my hands.

"Are you mad at Alex or something?" said Jocelin. And yeah I was, so nodded. "Well, maybe you can stay with us until you a lot better!" I nodded again with a raise of an eyebrow.

2 months later

"Are you sure you want to live with these girls Sebastian?" said Alex. Yes I'm sure you bastards.

I had to live in a basement. Good. We unpacked my stuff very quickly. I didn't have much stuff to put away anyways.

I became broke and depressed ever since my accident two months ago.

"Is this all the clothes you have?" said Juliana. I nodded slowly without looking at her.

"I shall make you t-shirts Sebastian!" Said Jocelin. She seemed happy to make me clothes.

She immediately ran up the stairs yo go to her room and make me shirts.

Juliana ran after her leaving me all alone in my room.


Jocelins P.O.V

Do I know how to make guy clothes? What do guys like him like?? I'll just randomly start printing guy shit.

Juliana was standing at my door. "Do you even know what your going to make him?" I nodded. Of course I knew what to make!!

She asked me if I wanted her to get me things. Well yeah, a couple of things. Like I told her to get old sweaters from a thrift shop and o get me transfer paper from a craft store. I didn't have a lot of transfer paper left.

I ran downstairs to ask Sebass a couple of questions. I asked him if I could take a look art his t-shirts. While looking at his shirts, I asked "what do you look for on a shirt and what are your interests?"

He gave me a brief description on what he looked for. So basically he is a superman freak, likes turtles, and random logos on his shirts.

I ran back upstairs surfing the web for superman and turtle stuff.

Juliana has come with more than what it looked like what I asked for. I looked in each bag. Craft scissors, plain colorful t-shirts. Ripped black jeans? Oh wait they're for her..

She got me all the things I needed. More or less.

I started my process. Took me a while to make about 8 t-shirts and 4 beanies. But it was worth it. Anything for my friend Sebass.

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