Chapter 1-My Morning

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'BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!' My alarm clock wails.

I get out of bed, take my shower, and start getting ready for school. I walk down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. When I hear my mom, Alma, talking to somebody I stop midstep. Then I hear my brothers Mark and Donnie laughing. I run into the kitchen yelling "MARK, DONNIE! What are you two doing here?" I jump into Marks arms.(You probably notice the names, that's because my brothers are Mark and Donnie Wahlberg)

"I'm hear doing Ted 2 so I'm going to stay here with you guys. " Mark said.

"That is awesome." I say still hugging him.

"I'm here to announce something big." Donnie says with the hugest smile I've ever seen. "Me and Jenny are engaged!"

"WHAT!?!?" We all scream in unison.

"Yeah I asked her two days ago with the help of Evan."

"Tell me everything don't leave anything out." I tell him hugging him and dragging him to the living room.

"Well we were sitting down and watching TV. I got up and went up to Evan's room. I mean we already had this planned out so I just had to give him the cards to run out and give them to his mom. But I gave him the first card it said 'Will' then he came back in and I gave him a card that said 'You' he took it out, came back in. I gave him the card that said 'Marry' but I had spelled it wrong I had wrote it 'M-A-R-Y' then when he came back in me and him walked out and I had a shirt that said 'Me' with a question mark on it. I got down on one knee and she said 'Yes'. Then Evan yelled 'I have a new dad!'" He tells me finishing his story.

"Awwwww!!! That's so cute." I say.

"Rebecca it's time for school!" My mom says coming into the living room with Mark.

"Okay," I say hugging Donnie, "I guess I'll see you after school?"

"Definintly!" he says. Then I go over to Mark and give him a hug and head out the door.

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