The wonder of the world

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"WAKE UP!" Magma yells to dat. "WERE UNDER ATTACK" "WHAT?!" Dat screams as he wakes up. "There's these weird black thugs out side and there destroying the house!" Dat and magma run down stairs to get their armor and weapons. "I'll hold them off, you get the animals to the forest, we will have to be their for a while." Dat says to magma. "Got it, C'mon guys. Guys? Oh crap, THEY GOT THEM!" Yells magma. "WHAT" Dat screams from outside. "They probably ran to the forest, lets go!" They go to the forest and runs away from the house. "Well their goes 2 years of work, 6 stacks of wood, and 2 chests of food." says Dat. Magma assent listing, he was trying to find dat j.r and equardo. "DAT J.R? EQUARDO? ANYONE? No luck." "Wait I think I hear them" dat says softly. "There they are!" magma says. "Good, now let's get some pictures of these thugs, then the guardians can mess with them." They took 3 pictures of them and what they do. "Great lets get to the water temples." Their adventure begins...

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