The kiss

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"It's okay, you were just excited, thats all. I'm fine! Besides, some gravel had gotten in my mouth earlier, it could have been that!" I told her, she was still no better. I bent in close to her, looking her in the eyes. I had never seen her eyes this close before for so long, it was like, like a dream. Then I kissed her. My first kiss, I kissed my crush.
He kissed me. He actually kissed my. My crush kissed me. After I put him in the sick bay. The others were still mining. We kissed for a whole minute. I didn't know what to think. When he pulled away, I hugged him, and I than began to cry again. I wasn't sure if the were happy tears or sad tears or whatever other kind of tears there are, I was simply crying while hugging my crush who had just kissed me. I needed a moment to think. It was my first kiss.

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