*Nash's POV*

When Cam and I got to the airport, we were greeted by at least 80 fans who knew we were meeting the Jacks there. After we greeted all of the fans, Cam and I went to go to check to see when the Jacks plane was going to land. Shit, the flight was 3 hour behind due to a storm. I looked up at Cam and said, "Hey, I'm going to go see if I can find that girl from the elevator, I bet she went shopping because that's what girls do, right?"

Cam laughed at me and said, "Good luck finding her in LA, buddy." I don't care what Cam thinks, that girl is beautiful and need to know her.

I put my hood up and snuck out of the airport without anyone noticing it was me. I think of the closest shopping mall near our apartment building. 

I go there and I think of what she was wearing to think of maybe what store she could be in. I think I see her walking towards Urban Outfitters in her chevron dress. I hurry up to her, I pull her a side probably scaring her and I say, "Hey, remember me?". Her face turns really pale again, but she answers,"Umm uhh yeah." She's so adorable when she gets nervous. 

I give her a big smile,"Good, because we are getting lunch while I wait for my friends' plane to land." She stutters again, but it's so adorable,"Okay, s-sounds good to me!" she says with a huge smile. Damn, she has a great smile. 

"Okay before I take you on this 'date', what's your name?" I ask her. She replies,"My name is Amber, and you are?" I jokingly answer,"My name is Nash Grier, but by your reactios towards me, I think you already knew that." then I wink at her. She answers,"Hmm maybe I did, maybe I didn't." and then she winks. I laugh at her then say,"Let's go get some lunch."

I can't believe I'm going on a date with Amber.

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