Flight home

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*Mia pov*
Me max and Hayes all go to our hotel room to pack. I'm glad max was delivered earlier because I didn't want him to die. While I was in my hospital room and the nurse said I was pregnant they told me that if I don't give birth to max that day he would die so I ask if I can give birth to him that day. Anyway everybody (max,me,Hayes,nash,cam,carter, matt, Jack and Jack, ect.) is going back home to North Carolina.
*hayes pov*
We are all going back to North Carolina today cause of what happened with all this f***ing drama, our honeymoon wasn't the best. But I am now a dad to a handsome boy named max Grier.
*Mia pov*
When we finish packing I go check if everybody else is ready. I text every one in a group chat
Mia: are you guys ready?
Shawn: yep
Cameron: yass 😂
Carter: cam your so stupid! Yeah I'm ready
Nash: almost
Taylor: nash you never ready. I'm ready Freddy
Aaron: ready when u r
Jacob: I'm ready
Jack j: waiting for Jack to get out of the f***ing bathroom
Jack g: I'm ready just like pissing Johnson off 😂😂
Lox: I've been ready
Mia: Jack g get out of the bathroom so Johnson can go in, and Nash hurry the f*** up! Our flight home leaves in 2 hours
Nash: we have plenty of time
Hayes: not if the air port is 1 hour away
Jack g: Hayes where the hell did you come from?
Hayes: well.....
Mia: 😂😂 that's why I love you guys
Lox: everyone who's is ready go down to the lobby. Nash if you aren't done in 10 min we are leaving your little ass here
Nash: IM READY! 😂
Jack j: bye
Nash: bye
Cameron: aloha
Shawn: adios
Jack g: see ya
Carter: bye
Lox: bye
Jacob: bye
Aaron: I'm all alone in the lobby 😩
Taylor: I see you Aaron!!!
Mia: bye
Hayes: bye
When me and Hayes get max set up we head down to the lobby. I see Aaron and Taylor play fighting and they got yelled at by the manager of the hotel. They are such children. After about 25 min every body is in the hotel lobby. I call for a cab and it came super quick. We all surprisingly we all fit in one cab.
*skip car ride*
*at the air port*
*hayes pov*
We finally arrive at the airport and have 1 hour until our flight takes off. When we arrive at the metal detector it goes off cause I have my phone in my pocket. Oh well im so tired.
*skip metal detector*
*mia pov*
After all of that craziness with everybody going through the metal detector we arrive at our gate with 30 min to spear.
Matt: hey I want Starbucks. Anybody want to come?
Mia: I will. Anybody want anything?
Everybody: vanilla bean frap
Mia: alright come on matt
Matt: coming
We arrive at Starbucks and order 12 vanilla bean frap. (S=Starbucks lady)
S: you guys a couple?
Mia&Matt: NO
S: oh sorry
Mia: it's ok
S: that will be $60 please
Matt: I'll be right back. I have to go get my money
Mia: alright
S: are you sure you two aren't dating?
Mia: no! I have a husband and a child
S: oh. Who is your husband?
Mia: Hayes grier, and my child is max grier
S: aww how old is max?
M: he was born yesterday
S: aww how sweet
Matt: I'm back with $60
S: alright here you go have have a nice day
Mia: you too
When we get back to our seats everybody is going on the plane. Before it was our turn to hand in our tickets we plan who sits with who
Mia: there are 3 seats in each row
Hayes: Jack j Jack g and matt/nash cam and shawn/ carter Aaron and Jacob/ me Mia / lox and max
Lox: really? I get to be with max
Mia: we trust you
I hand lox max and we head into the plane and take our seats
Me and Hayes are in between lox and max, also Jack j Jack g and Matt. Lord help us!
(F=flight attendant)
F: please fasten your seat belt, pull on the flap to make it tighter if needed, when you hear a 'ding' you may unbuckle your seat belt if wanted, above you is a breathing mask and will come out for emergencys only, underneath your seat is a life Jacket and can be any size you need. Thx you for chosing motu mute airport and enjoy your flight. Oh and before I go please turn off all electronics until told you can turn it on. Thank you
While the flight attendants check the storage space above us I have a question to ask
Mia: excuse me
F: yes
Mia: how long is this flight?
F: 13 hours and 10 min
Mia: alright thank you
Hayes: this is going to be a long flight
Mia: you said it
I fall asleep on Hayes' shoulder

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