Loren’s P.O.V.

It’s been a week since that call. A week that everyone seems stressed and scared. I had to admit that I was also scared but I didn’t show it towards the other members. I needed to be strong for them. Today was also the first day that I could walk again. There was still a cast around my leg but now I finally could walk again. Eddie had promised me to show me the atelier so I could work for the exhibition and the contest.

“Good morning. Sweetie.” Eddie said while he walked out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist.

“Good morning.” I replied and it was followed by a yawn. I saw him searching for his clothes and he pulled them on quickly.

“Are you alright? You look a bit pale.” Eddie said and he walked over to me.

“Do I? I probably didn’t sleep well.” That was true. I didn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t stop thinking.

“That call?” Eddie asked and I nodded.

“Let’s go.” He said with a smile and picked me up in his arms.

“I can walk” I said playfully but actually I enjoyed being in his strong arms.

“I know you can but I like to carry you.” He replied with a wink. Suddenly a question came up in my mind.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked him curious.

“You will see.” He simply said.

We took the elevator to the same floor as where the gym was. Eddie sat me down so I could walk. I still needed his support and he knew that because his left arm was around my back and his right hand hold my right hand. We passed the gym and Eddie stopped at a big door.

“This is the atelier. It’s bigger than your art classroom and everything you’ll need will be in here.” Eddie said and he sounded proud.

“Uhm okay.” I started to get nervous.

I opened the door and when I walked inside I stopped in my tracks. The room was huge. 2 walls were covered with grey closets full with art supplies. 1wall was empty and the other one was full with graffiti. It wasn’t the kind of graffiti with those ugly tags, it was the kind of graffiti that you barely didn’t see on the streets. It was so beautiful. The floor was black and there were a few easels, chairs and tables.

“Wow…” I didn’t know what to say.

“You like it?” I could hear that he was smiling.

“Is this all for me?” I whispered.

“Yeah babe.” Eddie said. I turned around to face him, I took his face in my hands and gave him a passionate kiss.

“Is it okay that I’ll leave you here alone?” Eddie asked.

“Uhm yeah sure what are you going to do?” I asked unsure.

“I’m going to train for a few hours. There is a little fridge next to your supplies so if you want to eat or drink something, there will be something in the fridge.” Eddie looked like he didn’t want to leave me alone.

“Go, you need to train.” I said with a smile.

“Okay, you’re the best babe.” He said and gave me a soft kiss.

“I know I am.” I smiled.


I had worked for 6 hours on a huge graffiti painting. I made it on the empty white wall with a lot of colours. For me it had the meaning of being free. One of the things that scared me the most was that my freedom would be gone. The wings were for me the sign to be free. I just sat down on the floor with a water bottle in my hand when Eddie came inside. His eyes became big when he saw the wall.

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