Chapter 9: Singapore

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"Gurl, this here is so damn hot." I complain
"Wing asian rice small eyes?" Watermelonisha asked
"40 Noodles rice noddles soup." Ming Ming replied
"40 West Sing Street." Watermelonisha replied.
"Hey, we is at 30 East Leg Drive!" Lementinequesha pointed out
"Thats like 10 miles to 40 West Wing Street." I pointed out. "Drive bitch!" I yell at Ming Ming.
"Fing fong ping pong." She yells back
"20 minutes!" Watermelonisha translated
******20 Minutes Later******
"Girl, give me my ninja stars." I asked Ming Ming. She handed me the stars.
"Ok, now, where's Jace?" I ask her.
"3 wing king." She replied
"3rd story." Watermelonisha said
We run as fast as we can to the 3rd floor.
"Girl, slow down! My weave about to fall off!" Lementinequesha yelled
"Bitch, huh huh, no nigga! Stay here amd fix yo' weave!" I yelled back, i'm so tired and my boobs are flapping up and down. "Damn, which room!" I demand when we reached the 3rd floor.
"Sang chi."
"Knock that door down!" I yell. Ming Ming threw herself at the door and it fell down. Jace was in the bed and I think he's naked.
"What?" Jace asked
"Bitch, you got me pregnant and you need to give me some child support." I tell him
"Well, I ain't giving you nothing, bitch." Jace says. We were interrupted by another guy walking in naked.
"Who dat?" I asked
"See, i'm gay and i got you pregnant just for the lolz." Jace replied
"Bitch, u asked for it." I grab a nearby samurai sword and cut his head off. No one gasped, i'm surprised.
"Can Ming Ming make sushi out of human meat?" I ask Watermelonisha
"Wing ching potato rice chopsticks math?"
"A+" Ming Ming said
That night we had human sushi.

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