Lizzie in tizzy

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Rachel and lizzie rushed to look.They could see the tiara glittering and gleaming in the sunshine.This is a brilliant hiding place . The biggest goblin panted as he tossed another shovel of earth aside .No one will ever guess the tiaras buried in the ground.It was my idea to bury the tiara one of the other goblins boasted.No it wasn't the third retorted crossly. It was my idea.We must get the tiara back .Rachel whispered to lizzie and Kirsty under cover of the goblins bickering but we can't reach it from here suddenly Kirsty remembered the garden shed they'd seen earlier I have an idea she whispered to Rachel and lizzie wait here!Kirsty hurried to the shed she went inside and saw. Exactly what she was looking for a rake .Quickly she grabbed it and dashed to Rachel and lizzie .kneeling down on their side of the trellis Kirsty poked the head of the rake through the slats and out the other side.good thinking Kirsty Rachel murmured .kirsty carefully moved the rake backwards and forwards trying to hook the tiara onto its teeth.but as she was doing so the rake nudged wheelbarrow wheel sending the barrow forward slightly.

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