I wander around the mall until I finally see my ex-friends. They walk into Macy's and I follow quickly and quietly behind them. Jane and Kayla immediately walk to the Junior's section and picks out the same style of clothes that they're wearing.

Aria looks at the clothes and then at Jane and Kayla, switching her glance between the two.

"What the heck are these things?" she asks, emphasizing "things."

"You're new clothes, duh!" Kayla says like a stereotypical blonde girl.

"These aren't clothes, they're material sewn together at impossible body specifications!" Jasmine exclaims.

"Are you insulting me?" Jane asks threateningly.

"No." Jasmine says in a small voice.

"Good. Moving on, go try all of these clothes on." Jane says, shoving clothes into my friends arms.

They try on the clothes and come back out, wearing the clothes.

"Well?" Kayla asks expectingly.

"The jeans are a little tight, I could definitely move up a size." Aria says.

"Ya." Anna and Jasmine agree.

"Whatever, go find the size you need. We'll be waiting. Just hurry up." Jane says.

They re-try on the jeans and walk out of the dressing room with smiles on their faces. I huff silently, knowing that I'm jealous that my friends my actually be having fun with the enemy.

Jane smiles happily, seeing my friends conforming to her style. They continue to pick out clothes that Jane and Kayla wear on a daily basis, just in different colors. Crop tops with no tank tops under, shirts that you'd see your bra straps if you didn't wear something over it, tight jeans, short-shorts, etc.

Walking out of Macy's, they head over to the Food Court, getting the vampire version of very fattening human food. Vampires don't gain huge amounts of wait, so you can eat just about anything without gaining weight.

"What did you guys see in Autumn? I don't understand what's so great about her." Jane says rudely.

"She's sweet and kind and is willing to give herself up for a worthy cause." Anna defends me, which makes me smile.

"Then why aren't you guys hanging out with her anymore?" Kayla asks.

"She might be a wonderful person, but she gets jealous to quickly. We couldn't take it anymore. She was constantly putting her nose into everyone else's business. We told her that we aren't friends with her anymore, and that's it. Now we're with you guys." Aria says in a resentful tone that I hope no one else can tell is fake.

"Seems like a good enough reason to me." Kayla says.

Jane nods and is staring off into space, as if in deep thought. I start worrying if she doesn't buy Aria's story. She finally looks up in smiles, for once will be a good thing.

"Let's go ladies!" Jane says, whisking her new followers away.

I decide not to follow them, knowing full well that my friends are still here to support me, and will always support me. I smile at that and run home.

While I'm running, I take off the Invisibility Robe. When I get home, I see a bunch of bodyguards surrounding my house, of course being lead by Brian.

"What's the meaning of this, Brian? You don't guard me in public places, but I'm not even close to being safe at my own house!" I say frantically.

"Aria came by and said you were going to be in danger. She said something about Jane planning something. She ordered me to keep your house safe." Brian says with no emotion.

"Okay. You do that. I'm gonna go make a phone call inside." I tell Brian. He nods and I walk inside my house.

I whip out my phone, opening the calling app with the keypad, immediately dialing a number without looking to see I'm calling.


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