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Trust and love are two different things. Everybody agree? Well, if you don't, that's fine.

I don't trust everybody I love. It's simple. They have done things that made them lose my trust. But can they do anything to make me not love them? No. It's because love is forever, trust is not. Some love isn't forever, but I'm talking about some family members here.

Also, there's two kinds of trust. Normal trust, and the kind that comes from people who have gone through things that corrupted their trust greatly. Normal trust is when you trust people until they do something to you to lose their trust.

Then there's the other kind. These people don't trust people. But don't be mad, it's not their fault. They will only trust people until they know 100% they can be trusted. Why? Normally because they refuse to go through again what they went through before.

This is all I wanted to say. I really wanted to write this today. I hope you enjoyed!

Kay thanks, byeeeeeee!!

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