Met the Fox

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   A fox stalking around alone in the woods scavenging for food. Sniffing around and pawing at the ground. Suddenly it pick up a strange scent and and decide to follow it. The farther it goes, the stronger it gets and the fox thought it can hear something. Its ears perk up and sees something..

   The she wolf paws at the long dark grass,  trying to pull it up.  She had to get the grass for beds for the pack.  She shakes her fur , making sure nothing is on it.

   The fox can hear the grass rustling and it see something shaking it. It's too big to be a fox and has white fur. Hmm, a wolf maybe? It was unsure if it should approach it or not, so the fox just stay hidden behind the bush and watch silently. Fur sticking up a little and head tilted to the side curiously.

  The she wolf let out a yawn and a sigh. She picked up some fallen grass and placed it in the pile.  After placing it down she went back to digging the grass out.

The fox thought how the wolf seems to be pretty tame.  notice it struggling with the grass and quietly giggle, but feel bad. Its stomach growls slightly and the fox step back hoping it couldn't hear.

The alpha get wiff of the fox he walks out to see it standing there. He go over to it and picks it up by its scruff and takes it into the den. He lays it in front of some of the meat they cought and pushed its back with his snout giving the female fox the ok to eat. He walks awy and continues to set stuff up for the winter to come.

The Beta's ear twitched  a sound of a giggle.  She looked up to see her Alpha holding a fox.  She watched him carry it away.  She let out a sigh and  pulled up more grass. She picked up all of the grass and slowly jogged up to the dens.

He stairs at his bet and then looks back at the fox wondering why she will not eat.

The fix look down at it then back at him as he pushes me with his snout to say it's ok to eat it. She look back at him and at the food, but am still unsure.

She made a whine like yip, unsure where to place the grass at.  She licked her lips as she turned to see the fox.  Her ear twitched as her head tilted. She wagged her tail slightly at the black fox.  She looked back at her Alpha.

The alpha walks over to the turtle shell nd motions to his beta for help. He knows there is not much time till the sun goes down. They need water and he knows this to well.

The she fox ears perk at the sound the she wolf made. When she wolf looks at her,  The fox was looking down shyly and my ears twitch.

He looks at the fox and motions for her to push the glow stone rocks the size of golf balls to the hole in the center of the den. He knows the water must stay warm or else it will freeze during the winter storm He motions to his beta and taps the turtle shell with his nose

She  nods at her Alpha and headache over to the turtle shell.  Pawing at it.  She made another whine like sound at it.  She turned her head to her Alpha.

He keeps his glare on the fox

The she fox who was called Kitsune  by her mother as a kit, she look over at him and slowly go over to the glow stones and push them with her paws and nose.

The alpha smiles at the fox and picks one end of the turtle shell up with his mouth. The water fall is on the left side of the den a fifteen minute walk that will take time to do. He looks at his beta to see if she is ready to move

The She wolf lifts her paw as the water touched it.  Her ears go down  but looks ar her Alpha then back at her paw.  She let out a sigh. And looked at the shell.  Ready to go.

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