Chpt 13: Arrow

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I don't even know where my brain comes up with this stuff.....
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Cupid's POV-
I woke up rubbing my head slightly realizing someone had doubled as my mom, and now I was in a dark kitchen alone with my hair left in soaking wet tea.

"Oh my god what happened? What's wrong? What's going on?" Brian said running over and touching my forehead. A small chill ran through me as he touched me and brought me over to the couch.

"I don't know. I'd be lying if I said I knew." I said staring at my hands.

" I've been thinking. After me and Karma left we talked-" he started but I quickly cut him off.

"Which was when? When did you leave?" I asked.

"What do you mean you let us out?" He asked his eyebrows furrowing together.

"I know but...I don't remember it." I said looking at my hands when Brian grabbed my hand and brought it up to his lips to kiss them softly sending more rushes of doubt through my system....why did it feel so weird? Why did it seem so different?

"I think I know why....when me and Karma left we talked, and if you join the side of this war thing this will all go away and we...well we can finally be together." Brian smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. Maybe he did like me....I had my doubts run against me this whole time, but after being drugged and brought to the realization I could die any minute.... But right now I'm here...and in the moment.

"What is the right side though Brian?" I asked.

"Do you trust me?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"Yes." I said and before I knew it Brian's lips were on mine and levels of intense betrayal and fear ripped through my veins. My eyes could no longer stay open but it didn't feel right....I had thought this moment would confirm everything but I had never felt anything worse in my life.....

This was heart break.

Brian's POV-

Just like it had appeared it had vanished and I suddenly was looking at Cupid sitting on her couch. Her head in her hands.

"Cupid?" I asked nearing her and sitting next to her.

"Go away." She said through muffled sobs.

"Hey...hey." I said taking her hand and tilting her chin up to face me.

"I said. Go away." She hissed her eyes cold and icy as she sat still moving her head and hand out of my grasp.

"Cupid why?" I asked trying to touch her again as she got up looking at me tears filling her eyes.

"I thought you actually liked me." She said her voice chocking with sobs. "But you were just along with the see the freak show of dating someone like me." She stated her words now calm and emotionless.

"Listen to me Cupid, Deceiver got into your head- hey look at me." I cooed letting my hand brush her shoulder. "Do you feel fear or shocks of betrayal through you like before? No you don't because he was playing you." I tried to explain searching her face for any kind of reaction but her face remained stone cold as her eyes looked past me momentarily.

"No. I don't feel betrayed I feel pain that stabs at my heart and stupidity for not seeing it sooner." She said no emotion pulsating through her at all.

"Cupid please..." I begged. "Look at me." I said as her eyes met mine I saw pure hurt flash through them. "I love you. I know we haven't kissed or anything but I've known ever since I tried to walk away that I couldn't ever do that to you. The very first time I stormed out." I said taking her head in my hands. "Shake this guy off and look at me. I'm here for you." I stammered scared of everything I had just said.

"She's gone Brian.... Our Cupid is gone, and she's moved on to heart break." Karma said entering the house. "So let's get busy."

I was being baby sat. By a man who was just curious and Karma whom I'm sure had something to do with him screwing with me. Did I do something to deserve it?

I could practically feel my heart bleeding inside my chest and if not under the circumstances I would probably cry until I had one of those awful head aches. How had I only opened my eyes up now? In the hallway he had wanted to know about my nick name the next he kind of refused to see Anne even though she was physically flawless it was all clicking now.

But what hurts the most is the lengths he had gone to fool me... The visit to his grandma's and saying I love you in the last fight..... It was just too much. Karma was on Cupid duty and she was eating all of my food. The girl had a hell of an appetite....was weight gain Karma? Like you over Indulge so your hips over indulge your pants creating love handles?

I got up and ran upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed all the things necessary for a shower and got in my bathroom and started stripping off my clothes. My phone vibrated and I saw the unknown caller id that still made me cringe....

Answer it. You know things better now

"Hello Cupid are you ready to meet me yet?" The sultry voice suddenly had a draw to it. Like I needed to find the source and satisfy my curiosity.

"Cupid doesn't seem right anymore to be honest...I was thinking of changing it." I chuckled bitterly.

"Come meet me Arrow." The dark voice suggested. Arrow? How perfect. Cupid shot Arrow's in legend and it still sounded badass enough for a bleeding heart that refused to heal.

"I'm on house arrest how do I get out?" I asked taunting the voice.

"Trust me, I'll create a distraction and you jump out your bedroom window." He said quickly and hung up. I decided to still take a shower because I didn't smell to hot and if I had a date with death....I'd have to look not only hot but crazy sexy....

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