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“ Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes, but it’s the only thing that I know.”


The bright beam of light falling right on her face was what made Julie wake up from her long slumber. She looked over to the watch beside the bed,


She sat up with a groan as she took in the surrounding. As the sight of the dorm room settled in, the events of last night started to dawn upon her too. She was so, so grateful for having Zayn and Jack in her life, Right… Where are they?

She kicked the duvet off and turned around. The second her bare feet touched the cold floor, a chill ran up her spine. She was wearing Zayn’s shirt and shorts as she didn’t have anything comfortable to sleep in last night, and the fact that he offered to sleep on the floor letting her take his bed was one of the many things made Julie swoon over the guy even more. But she couldn’t, it didn’t feel right, so they ended up sharing the bed. It was innocent first, keeping a foot long distance, but they ended up cuddling, it wasn’t something they couldn’t control.

She looked around looking for the two boys, but there wasn’t a single sound. Frowning, she sat back on the bed only to find a yellow post it stuck at the bedside table. Why didn’t she see it before?

Jack’s gone home; won’t be back till late evening. Upstairs on the roof. Join me?  ;)  Zayn X

She smiled, how could she not? That cheeky wink and scruffy handwriting…

She walked to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth followed by a quick face wash.

The weather outside looked cold, the sun wasn’t out yet and there were occasional whips of cold air blowing. Julie looked around; she couldn’t find anything, so she grabbed the duvet wrapping it around her before making her way upstairs. Thankfully, she didn’t cross paths with anyone on the way. She quickly jogged up the stairs and stopped only when she saw the door to the roof. Whilst standing on the threshold, she saw him, his back faced to her, hair visibly tousled. His shoulders were slumped, and she could tell from where she was standing that he was in deep thought for he didn’t even notice the sound of the door creaking open and the sound of her footsteps approaching.

“Hey.” He got startled blinking quickly as he turned around.

A smile soon resurfaced on his face. She looked so cute with that gigantic duvet wrapped around her tiny frame, her bed-hair sticking out from every direction. “Hey, you.” He tapped her nose making her cringe and then smile. “Clung to me like a Koala in your sleep, you’ve got a death grip Augustine.”

Her eyes widened in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I didn’t me-”

“It’s fine, I felt important.” She nodded.

They looked ahead, eyes trained on the tops of the buildings, blocked by the occasional puff of white smoke falling from their lips as warmth breath met frigid air. Her hair blew wildly in the strong gust, she looked over to him and his semi-long hair was fluttering too. She giggled to herself, teeth clattering as she wrapped the duvet tighter around her body.

He was quiet… standing far enough not to be in the line of his vision, but close enough for her to feel his presence. She looked over… he stood there, hands shoved inside the pockets of his sweatpants, long sleeve shirt…. He was staring out into the distance. It was one of those times where she wished she could read his mind… the passion in his eyes as he pondered different things was breathtaking, something she would almost deem his most enduring quality.

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