Chapter 10:SnoggleTog

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I spotted Tiger and Pipe's figures down below, waiting by the steps that lead to the boisterous celebration inside the Hall. SeaClutz dove down and for once, made a steady landing. I hopped off my Nadder's back and caught up with the two.

"How in Odin's name did you get here so fast?" I asked, very puzzled by the fact that Tiger kept up with the pro athlete.

"We...had a... race" Pipe wiggled a finger between Tiger and himself.

"Oh, that explains why you two sound like yaks giving birth" They both gave me sour faces and I laughed in them. We walked up the stairs and entered the doors.

It was astonishing; fuzzy balls of green and yellow lanterns illuminate the room, giving a warm aura. Painted shields wrapped with holly and evergreen gave the walls a burst of color. Sounds of laughter and rowdy chatter made everything more lively, and I loved it.

Some of the voices stood out, and I recognized one as Elida. She was one of my peers, and I talked to her often. Elida was extremely frisky and rarely kept still. It was nearly impossible to hold conversation with her, unless you seemed excited about everything like she was.

"Heyyy Jules!" Elida called out to me.I gave a smile in return."Isn't this like soo pretty?!I just looove the Snoggletog colors and all the lights and stuff and ohmygosh Astrid makes THE BEST Yaknog!You totally have to try it!"

I had a difficult time understanding and just looked into her bright blue eyes while nodding to whatever she was saying. Behind the animated Viking was Halstein, standing alone in a corner with his arms crossed. Halstein was another peer of mine, and he was either really shy or simply hated socializing. I thought for a moment that he and Sigvil could be related somehow.

Then I snapped back to reality when I felt the surprisingly strong punch on the arm. I yelped and looked back at Elida.

"Heloooo? I asked if you kissed anyone yet! Hiccup?Or maybe Alrik? Oooh how about Snotlout?" Elida tried to prod the answer out, to which I denied. Elida gave an exaggerated 'aww 'of disappointment. I really didn't care about the kissing under mistletoe thing because no one ever really liked me in that way. But I returned the question to Elida and she suddenly became flustered.

"U-uh well no. There is a person, but it's definitely not gonna happen," the light in Elida's eyes went out for the smallest moment, and it made me uneasy.

"It's alright though, cause the only signs of affection I need are from Thorn and Prick!" she said with a huge grin. At the mention of their names, a Hideous Zippleback came from behind Elida and licks her face in either side. I give a sound of disgust as I remember when a dragon first 'kissed' me.

"Welllgottagoseeyabye!" Elida blurted out her mouthful of words and sprinted off to Thor knows where.

I heard a tiresome yawn close to my ear, and resting on my shoulder was Slumber. He was a baby Nightmare, and most of the time he just slept anywhere on anyone. I don't think anyone minded this except Sigvil.

I petted his head while he slept and scratched his scales under his chin. Slumber gurgled in reply and snuggled in closer around my neck. He opened his droopy eyes, and he seemed to be intrigued by something in the corner. A pale hand slid out from the shadows, and it was full of dragon nip. Slumber flew a short distance to snuggled around the figure, took the dragon nip, and fell back to sleep. Who is that?

Pale blue eyes met mine, and I stood frozen in place. But my expectations melted away when the person revealed themselves. Halstein had that same bored expression his face when he caught me staring at him. If he weren't hiding in the dark, I would say he was smirking at my disappointment.

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