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Nicole and Michael were now sitting on the couch after enjoying their delicious sushi and salad. They were talking about their childhood.

"Awh I remember you! Even though I was only there for a month I still thought you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen..." Michael says.

Nicole blushed. "Thank you, I can't believe you remember after so long."

"I actually ran into you several times before Courtney introduced us." He nodded. "Like, the guy who handed you the milk from the top shelf, The guy who bought your drink when you forgot your money..."

She laughed. "That was you?! Wow, well now I can thank you again for doing all those nice things for me."

"No problem," he chuckled.

Nicole looked down and then back up at him. "Why did you leave after that month?"

Michael exhaled and sat down his drink. "Well uhm, I was living in a car at the time. I couldn't afford to go to school. I was worried about how I'm eat, shower, where I'm sleep....School slipped my mind."

"I'm sorry to hear that...." She said in a low tone.

"Yeah," he said in a dazed tone. "It came to the point I had to rob people on the street for some new clothes. Used to rob people houses just to get what I need like food and soap."

"Looks like you came over all of that...." Nicole nodded.

"I had to, my mother was on drugs. When she got taken to jail she hung herself. My father took the car said he was gonna come back, I haven't seen him since."

Nicole looked down. "So, you like it here in New York?"

Michael looked around his place. "I love it, I see so many dope people."

"I love it here too." She sat down her drink. "When I first moved here I seen a couple having sex in a car." She chuckled.

"Sex is beautiful, if you do it right." Michael eye's wander.

Nicole blushed. "I mean we're adults now, if two people wanna have sex then they will."

"Exactly," Michael picked up his drink and took a sip.

Nicole stood up. "Well, it's one in the morning, I think I should be getting home."

Michael grabbed her hand. "You can't leave, at least not alone. Honestly, I dont feel like walking and I know you don't either. So, we'll just share the bed...I promise to keep everything to myself."

Nicole looked at him and thought to herself for a moment. "Okay, I guess...."

Michael and Nicole lied down on the bed. The room was dark. Nicole looked over at Michael and he slowly turned to look at her. She smiled as they were awkwardly close to each other. She looked down at his lips and moved closer. He bit her bottom lip and kissed her.When they finally pulled away from each other the night drifted off until they fell asleep.

Nicole left early that morning and went home to shower and get changed. When she arrived she received a text from Michael asking her out again. She replied back telling him yes. It wouldn't be for another two days when they go on their date.

Later that night Nicole was back down at Indigo's to watch Courtney perform two of her poems and three of her songs. When she arrived she only seen Lisa and Jeff.

"Where's Michael?" Nicole asked as she sat down at the table.

"He said he had to go find a field of sunflowers..." Jeff shrugged. "He'll be here soon, though."

"Hopefully, before Courtney gets up there." Lisa added.

Courtney had been called up to the stage and Michael still wasn't there. Seven minutes later he walked through the door and smiled when he seen Nicole.

"Sorry I'm late, It was hard finding that field of sunflowers, but it was worth it." Michael chuckled.

"We're glad you could make it." Nicole smiled.

The table was quiet as they all watched Courtney on stage. They clapped when it was over and cheered. Courtney came back to the table and Michael was called up.

"I didn't know Michael was going up." Nicole said as she clapped.

"We didn't either." Lisa says.

Michael walked up to the stage and smiled. "I call this connection...." He adjusted the microphone and looked all around the room.

"We have this connection,

I've seen her my whole life, but couldn't find the words to tell her she's beautiful.

Her mind connects with mine whenever we see each other.

When I see the way she walks and carries herself it makes me wish my body was connected with her.

Oh but baby, I'll get deep...Deeper than any other man has ever been.

When we connect on our date last night I was deep in you without having to touch you.

I'm not talking about physical, but mental, because we have this connection..." Michael smiled. "Thank you."

Nicole cheered and clapped along with everyone else.

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