Part 3• Her Again

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Niall's P.O.V
About half way through our Florida concert I noticed a girl in the third row. She looked oddly familiar, so I got a little closer. I knew I knew her but I just could not tell from where. After the concert we ran out of the arena hoping to leave as soon as possible. We ended up being chased by a lot of our screaming teenage fans, so we ran to the nearest house possible. I noticed a apartment/ flat close to where we were, so we made a mad dash to it. When we rang the doorbell a girl answered who looked to be about 20. She invited us in, and asked why One Direction was ringing their doorbell (I didn't really get the their part.) We told her that we where being chased by screaming fans, and she completely understood from there. She called the name Peyton, and the girl who I saw at the concert on the third row waltzed in. Then I remembered the girl.

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