Love Comes in all Forms

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America's POV

And now here I am sitting at a table with a toy soldier I hadn't looked at in who knows how long.  I started to cry when I looked at the soldier and I buried my head in my arms so Lithuania wouldn't see me the hero cry. I cried for like 2 hours and I guess after I musta fell asleep cause when I opened my eyes again I was back in the Revolutionary War. The war that started everything. I knew I had to be dreaming cause I saw the Revolution me. I looked so young back then. It was raining and Iggy was there with all his soldiers too. Wait a sec I know what this is no I have to stop this.

"Hey, Britain! All I want is my freedom! I'm no longer a child! Nor your little brother! From now on, consider me... independent!!" I watched as I said that. "What are you doing idiot you'll regret it bro! Ah crap what am I saying that's me. I looked just in time to say "What happened I remember when you were great." And with that the past me walked away from Iggy and then Iggy walked away too and I with tears in my eyes was like "No Iggy I didn't mean that I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I fell to my knees and yell to the sky knowing he can't hear me saying "I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!"

And with that I fell backwards in the chair and knocked it over making me fall on the floor too. I woke up with tears in my eyes. "I'm sorry England I love you!" Lithuania musta heard the noise cause he came running in finding me on the floor. "Mr. America are you alright?" I could only stare at him "Ya it was just a bad dream that's all. What time is it?" "It's 3:00 why?'' I got up with a start."Ah crap England'll be here in 2 hours! We gotta start cleaning! We don't have much time what should I do first?" Then I started to like totally hyperventilate or something cause next thing you know I end up falling towards the ground. Last thing I heard was Lithuania saying "Mr.America!" I fainted saying "Iggy I'm sorry."

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