Love Story

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Minnie's POV

Hi! im Minnie mouse im 18 years old, i have a cat called Figaro he's a black and white kitty i love him x x x

My boyfriends name is Mickey mouse if you want to know im not related to Mickey our second names aren't mouse mine is ratt and his is rough.

So ye...................

Mickey's POV

Hey! Im Mickey mouse im 18 years old, i have a dog called Pluto he's a ginger doggy and i love him x x x

My girlfriends name is Minnie mouse by the way we're not related our second names aren't mouse mine is rough and hers is ratt.

So ye...................

Chapter 1.

I love Minnie, Mickey said while looking at a photo frame with a picture of Minnie in it.

I love Mickey, Minnie said while looking at a photo frame with a picture of Mickey in it.

(knock knock knock) Daisy knocked on Minnie's door.

Are you in there i need to talk to you about Donald please open the door.

Ok ok im coming,  Minnie replied

(by the way minnie is taking her time because shes pregnant)

Hi Daisy (x x)

Hi minnie daisy replied i have important information to tell you about Donald.

Chapter 2.

What, Minnie asked

Its important, do you want a cup of tea.

Ye ice tea please that would be great thanks, Minnie replied so whats this about Donald.

Oh ye well he asked me a big question Daisy exclaimed

What was the question? Minnie wondered, to marry you.

No not quite he asked will we have a baby i didnt know what to say!! What will i do? Daisy asked

Say yes our babies could be friends Minnie answered

Chapter 3.

(Daisy left an hour later and Mickey came home)

Babe you here, Mickey called

im up stairs, Minnie replied 'im in the bath.'

Ok did you make dinner, Mickey asked.

No i thought we could order a Chinese Minnie wondered.

That sounds great babe ill order now what do you want Mickey asked.

I want a 4in1 with curry, Minnie replied.

Chapter 4.

(after Minnie was out and ready from the shower and went down stairs)

Minnie you look sexy in that Mickey drooled.

Thanks baby Mickey, Minnie replied

(the Chinese was lade out on the table with a rose in the middle)

Mickey that was delicious and the rose made it perfect Minnie told him.

Minnie you should thank the people who made the Chinese and the rose shop.

Oh ye thanks rose shop and Chinese people, Minnie replied

(they both burst out laughing hahaha)

Chapter 5.

                  (   5 months later   )

5 months later

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