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*Cara's POV*
When we arrived at the house it was huge. I was shocked but didn't show anything because my grandparents house was about this big. When they showed me my room it was awesome. It had teal walls, a computer, and the bed was decorated with minecraft plushies. I simply said thank you and they left.

*Jason's POV*
Cara is cute and I can tell she has a good personality unlike my other girlfriend I broke up with. We will go to the same school too. The guys are having a meeting downstairs for who will be her guardian. I think it will be Ian but I don't know. I decided to talk to Cara.
J: Hi can I come in?
C: Yea sure.
J: So what is your favorite part about Ireland.
I than sat next to her on her bed.
C: That is easy... The farm land like the fields it's so beautiful(it is)
J: When's your birthday?
C: In three days.
Her Irish accent is so beautiful.
J: You know they are having a gaming convention there this year.
J: Wanna come.
She then hugged me and I blushed.
J: No problem
Then there was a knock on her door
C: It's open.
A: We decided who your guardian is... Its...
Ja: Wait where's Ian.
Je: Well Ian is your guardian.
Ian then jumped out from behind everyone then yelled
Cara just smiled and said cool then I asked
Ja: Wanna go shopping tomorrow?
C: Sure! Thanks
TC: Your welcome
I left and I thought to myself I need to figure a way to ask her to be my girlfriend.
Halo!! I probably won't be updating next week because of mid-terms. YAY! note sarcasm. But anyways thank you for reading!
~KK DERP ^•^

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