*Lola's POV*

Two Months After The Letter

Since the letter has came I haven't spent anytime away from my daughter. She has had my full attention and I plan on giving her all of it. The letter shook me to the core and I felt as if he knew I was going to find out like he planned it. I can't believe he wasn't Susan's father they look very similar except for the eyes. I was in deep thought when I realized that Susan had wondered off somewhere. I started to panick when she skipped from behind a statue in the backyard. I really wouldn't call it a back yard when the forest is right behind it but it is still in the back of the house. She giggled as she looked at me. I smiled at her and said," What are you giggling on about?" She looked at me and said," The man behind the staue said something funny about Dracula and his friends." I froze and stared at my daughter. Standing up and taking Susan's hand I lead her into house and into Dracula's office, where he and his 'collegues' were. I stopped and stared at them with worried eyes. Dracula stood up from behind his desk and walked over and said," What's wrong?", Dracula said,"There is a man outside in the backyard." His face serious and the others looked at him and got up and went to see who the intruder was. I started to shake. My daughter was looking at me with a concerned expression. I watered to think of of what if it was my husband behind the statue. My breathing become irregular before I knew it I was seeing black.

I woke up to an aweful headache and stinging in my eyes. I tried to sit up and quickly was pushed back down." If you try to sit up or even move I will continue to push you back onto the bed." I quickly realized that it was Van who was sitting next to me. I tried to open my eyes to see him but ever time I tried the sunlight coming from the window would hurt and forced me to close them again. " What happpened to me and where is Susan?" I didn't hear a respond so I started to get up and was once again pushed back down. " I will say this one more time DON'T move." "Then tell where my daughter is and I won't." " She is with Dracula. You passed out after coming into the office. Your face was pale and eyes wide as if something scared you to the point of passing out." I sat there and wondered why I passed out in the first place." I don't remeber why I passed out. I thought I had just woken up until I felt you push me on the bed. What is going on here?" I didn't hear anything but Van was still here the bed hasn't moved and it was still cold in here.

"You aren't going to tell me are you." He didn't respond to the question so I took it as a yes. I just layed down and started to think about what happened before I passed out. After what seemed like forty minutes I tried to open my eyes again. I finally saw the lamp and the nightstand. I moved my head towards the door and then the ceiling. I honestly forgot that Van was in the room that was until I looked at him because he was obviouly staring at me. " Why are you staring at me like that? Do I have something on my face?" For the first time ever I saw Van smile and let me say that he has a smile that would stop my heart any and ever time I saw it." There is something on your face...", I stared at hime waiting for him to continue but it was interrupted by a knock on the door. My daughter cute little head popped in between the creak and smiled." Mommy are you awake?" " Yes sweety come here." She ran to the bed and jumped on me which made me groan. She giggled and layed on the side of me. I look up to see if Van had left and he didn't. He was still there looking at me with a smile.

" Van are you okay?" He nodded his head but said nothing and kept staring at me. I didn't realize that Susan had fallen asleep until I heard a small snore come from her. I looked at her and smiled but the smiled disappeared just as quickly and turned around to Van who was still smiling. He was starting to creep me out a little but none the less bother me to a great amount. I tucked Susan under the covers and got up from the bed and heeaded for the do. Van was behind me when I turned around. He closed the door and turned to leave, but I stopped him. " What were you going to tell me in the room before my daughter came in?" He turned around with a smile still stuck on his face and said," Beauty." Turning around he walked down the hall and into a room. I stood there shocked.

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