It's Time to Begin

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Niall's POV*

I've been sleeping on this damn couch for a week now and I'm tired of it.

My back and neck hurt like no other.

I have purple bags under my eyes from not getting enough sleep.

I wish she would stop being a crazy bitch.

She doesn't understand what I'm doing.

I can't tell her, it would ruin everything I've been working on.

She probably thinks I don't love her anymore or that I'm cheating.

I'm actually planing a huge surprise for.

First I'm going to do a private concert for her without the guys, then I'm taking her out to a fancy dinner, then I'm going to take her on a holiday for just the two of us.

I can't wait.

I'm over the moon, she's going to be so happy.

You would think it wouldn't take so long to set this up, but the way I'm doing things...

It's gonna take awhile.

I'm going to execute my plan in the next few days, so I can be extra sure that everything is right and or perfect for the love of my life.

*Few days later. Plan comes into action*

Rachel's POV*

I'm still a little mad at Niall but today he asked to take me out and I couldn't help but agree to his cute little face.

He told me to dress casual so I roamed through my closet looking for my favourite jeans.

I pull on new panties and a matching bra and pull on my skinny jeans.

Now for a shirt.

I pull out my favourite American football shirt, The Detroit Lions.

It falls down my small torso ending at my knees.

Oh this ones Niall's.

Yes we are the loser couple that have matching shirts.

I'm too lazy to take it off so I just keep it on and flop onto the bed.

I'm about to fall asleep when I hear a knock on the front door.

Max and Annabelle start barking loudly and I yell for them to come to there momma.

I hear the fast pitter patter of their small feet and their claws scratching the hard wood floors as they come up to Me and Niall's room.

They hop on the bed, well at least one of them does.

Max tried and his stomach hits the side of the bed and he falls on his back.

The poor dog lets out a cry and strains his neck flicking out his tongue.


I squeal jumping out of bed coming to my babies aid.

I scoop him into my arms and and pet him and kiss between his tall pointed ears.

I hear the door open and close and heavy footsteps coming up to the bedroom.

The door opens and Zayn walks in, the dogs automatically starting to bark at him.

He sighs and gets ready to yell at them but I send him a heavy glare and his mouth snaps shuts.

"Hey babe Niall wanted me to come get you to drop you of at your first destination."

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