"Getting Ready" chapter 16

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   I jumped up off of the couch and rushed up stairs. I don't even know what to wear. I dug through my closet looking for a nice outfit or dress. I found one outfit that was my favorite. It was a dark blue hangy shirt that has a sparkly, red, and white mushroom on it with the word "poison" on it, it is supposed to be worn with a tank top under it. I took my shirt off and grabbed a black tank top from my drawer then I put it on. I got the mushroom shirt and put it on, then I got my dark blue skinny jeans and put them on. I got my hair straightener and my brush. I put them on my dresser along with my curling iron. I started to brush all the tangles out of my hair. There wasn't that many. As soon as I was done with that, I started to straighten my hair, I burnt myself a couple times. I finally got the curling iron and curled all of my hair.. Straightening it just helps for when you have to curl it. I got my flower smelling perfume and sprayed it all over my body.I had no idea what time I was supposed to be ready. I texted Chandler.

*What time do I have to be at the movies?*

*Ummm...it's 5:45 right now the movie starts at 8:00 so u still have a long time. I'll txt u at 7:35. N'kay?*

*k. cool. I'm already ready so I'll just watch TV. Bye. ;)*

*bye :* * 

*  :*  *

I went to go check on my mom she was in her dark bue jeans with her white, yellow, and pink shirt. She had a beautiful necklace oround her neck, it had blue beads and it was big. 

"Are you all ready?" she asked.

"Yeah. And I can see you are."


"The movie starts at 8:00 and Chandler said he's going to text me at 7:35 to let us know when we have to be there."

"Okay then. It takes 15 minutes to get there so we will leave 5 minutes early at 7:55. If they want to leave at the same time then that would be cool but we can't ride in the same car because we are supposed to surprise his dad."

"Okay. I'm going to sit down on the couch and watch The Walking Dead. Oh and I'll call the dog-sitter since nobody is going to be here."

"Okay cool.'' she walked upstairs.

I sat down on the couch as I dialed the dog-sitter's number. It rang twice before someone answered.


"Hey Amy?"

"Yeah Nina?"

"Umm...my mom and I are going on a date. Do you think you can come sit Slasher for a while? But you have to be here by 7:55."

"Sure I'm always happy to sit Slasher. He is such a good dog."

"Thank you so much."

"No problem. Bye."


I grabbed the remote and put on The Walking Dead on netflix. Slasher came up to my side and just lay there. I got his dog brush and began to stroke his long golden fur. I realized that he had just finished eating his food. He lay he head on my lap and let out a little dog burp. "Ewe haha Slasher."   He still lay there letting me stroke him. A zombie snarled on TV and Slasher let out a deep growl, lifting his head, up staring at the TV. "Hey it's just the, TV it's not real boy." I patted his back and he lay his head back on my lap. 

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