Chapter 3: How to Upset Your Sister

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Coach Barnes stared at me. I stared at the dark haired guy. He was laughing with my sister on the court. I was running out of time. I hurriedly took up my racket and walked to the court. "Aurelia! Mind if I join you?" I called as I neared them. She paused, and looked like she was about to say no. " Sure why not?" Said the dark haired guy as his friend joined him, "My name is Hunter. And this is Benson, my BFF." I smiled and said, " My name is Roxanne, but people call me Ro."

We got into our positions: Aurelia and the dark haired Hunter, VS Benson and myself. Mixed doubles. In mixed, the girl is in the front and the guy is in the back in offensive formation, and they play side by side when it's defensive formation. I sure hope Benson is good. Aurelia flick-served diagonal across the net, and I dove in for a cross net shot. The birdie bounced off my racket obediently and dropped diagonally across the net. Aurelia couldn't get it. One point for us. Benson reached his racket towards me, and i gave it a tap with mine. Maybe all that summer training did help. I had to hide the fact that i was training everyday alone at the club with more senior players —from my own twin. It was a good thing out room was always messy enough for her not to notice the extra pair of sweaty tank tops and shirts thrown on my bed at night everyday. The dark haired guy eyed me with interest as I smashed his high clear, and he couldn't return it. Coach Barnes walked around with his clipboard and took notes as he observed each game. When he got to our court, Benson and I were leading 14-12. Coach Barnes lowered his head to take notes when Benson missed a shot to the back of the court, but nodded when he successfully performed a backhand clear. This silent interrogation lasted longer for our court than the other courts, and people had started to watch. After we were done, the coach stared at the four of us as we high fived each other and praised each other. He slowly lowered his clipboard, and stared at the results recorded on it. He cleared his throat and blew his whistle. The students slowly started to crowd around the coach, squeaks of sneakers sounding across the floor. When the noises cleared, he raised his clipboard to eye level, and squinted at his notes. "I have come to a conclusion, and only four freshmen will be joining varsity this year, and that's Benson, Roxanne, Aurelia, and Hunter. They will be joining varsity 1. Michael, you and Alexandra were close calls, and would be the runner ups if the first four hadn't played so well. They rest of the freshmen are only in JV. Thank you all for coming, and those who made the teams would receive an email, and an uniform order form," he stated. I felt eyes at the back of my head as a couple of players stared at disbelief at us. As we packed up and headed out, the coach stopped us four, and gave each of us a piece of paper, which had big black letters printed on the front : "High School Elite Ensemble Tournament" Oh boy. Things are getting interesting.

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