How to Survive a Tornado

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Now you're in for an exciting ride.

First thing you can do to increase your chances of living is to plan ahead. Please don't wait to read this chapter until you're in a tornado, because it wouldn't do to much good.

Have you ever heard of people who were sucked up by tornadoes or dragged a few miles away by one and survived. Well, believe it or not I have actually heard of a few. And with the help of this guide I would like to help create a few more survivors.

It is estimated that there are over 1,000 tornadoes a year in the US resulting in about 80 fatalities. Most of us have probably gone over tornado drills hundreds of times when we were younger, but here are a few tips and explained myths to help keep you alive.

1. Watch for signs that a tornado is going to strike so that you have time to prepare or run away.

2. Go to a lower level. I'm sure most of you know this already, but it doesn't hurt to review.

If you don't have a basement the next safest place is usually your bathroom. The bathtub also offers great protection. In 2011 a woman survived being carried 75 yards in a tornado by hiding in a bathtub.

3. If you are on a highway don't assume that an overpass is a safe place to hide because it can act as a wind tunnel and can be the same or even more dangerous than being out in the open.

4. If you're out in the open hide in a ditch. Tornadoes are just wind and debris so going below ground level will greatly increase the chances of survival.

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