My Dystopia

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Chapter one: The Beginning

Onseale, once the thriving city of London, now a city filled with criminals and blood scattering the walls. Everywhere you walk, the few Pure Hearts still alive, are being beaten to death. One of the most horrific ways to die. I’ve lived in these conditions wanting to help the poor souls, but I can’t. Not if I want to live. As a Pure Heart, I’m a danger to the community. Apparently.

If I want to live, I’ve got to show that I am a Corrupted. To get to anywhere I have to walk around scowling, hunched over and staring at everyone and everything. You’ve got to show, you’re not afraid of whatever happens and you’re not going to back down from a fight. The rays of sun, that would normally brighten up your soul as the heat radiating of the sun warms up our cold body, were hidden away. Corrugated iron covering the streets, walls and roofs. There is no rain, no sun, just cold hearts and empty souls. We were always forced into hiding, darkness coving every crevice of the new world that’s been created. Even if you found I way to see the sun, you would be horrified. The sky is dark and the sun is black. There is no way to escape. I remember life before this. Not many do. Children are born into this blood thirsty world. Everyone is boon Pure Hearted, but if you’re not infected within the first 3 months of birth, the child is executed publicly. Personally, I want to save the children, take them away from this world. I want to show them a better life. However, that’s impossible. There’s no way to escape, only the sea. But it never stops howling, like it’s crying for us to come.

I hope when you are reading this, you aren’t still stuck in that fiery pit of hell. I want to right you this before the government find me. We are ruled by 4 powerful leaders, it’s a meritocracy. Let me tell you my story.

“Alec! Liana! Where are you!” mum puffed in annoyance, while we giggled behind the sand-dune.

Alec, my younger brother of 5, looked at me with his icy blue eyes sparkling in amusement. His rosy red cheeks puffed out when he ginned widely at me. His pearl white teeth slightly blinded me when the roaring hot sun shone on them. While his brown hair slowly dried into a gorgeous shade of golden blond. As I looked back down to his face, his heart warming smile turned into a mischievous grin.

“No… No. No. No,” I repeated, eyes as wide as the moon, as he turned his head.

Flicking his hair, the water splatted in my face. My eyes were closed and mouth hanging open, big enough to catch flies. I stood up tall, towering over his petite figure sitting below me. Anger etched my face; he turned pale with fear. His eyes, still joyous, locked onto my hands as I came closer and closer to his body. Just as I was about to pounce; tickling him to death. Mum taps on my shoulder, causing me to scream.

2 years later, I was 15! After a gloomy day at school, the bullies finally leave me alone to catch a taxi with their ‘boyfriends’. Once again, I walked down the dark streets alone. Eyes peeled, I heard the scattering of rats and the banging and crashing of the people inside the obsidian houses, leaning over the streets.

Finally, I made it to the end of the sooty, rayless alley to find the crimson front door knocked away and a huge indent left in the door as it swung from its hinges in the small breeze. The metal on metal screeching made me wince as the wind blowed softly in my ears.  Walking around; my forest green eyes slowly inspected the house as the floor creaked beneath me. It looked like a struggle happened. Anger raised though me, my veins pumped and I heard my heart banging vigorously in my head. My heart made three booming beats before plummeting to my toes. Instantly, I forgot about taking in the situation and thinking this though. I clenched my fists, fleeing blood trickled down my hands as my fingernails dug deep into the soft flesh. I sprinted up the spiral staircase, worry and anger my only emotions. Just as I through my parents’ door open wide, thunder cracked and a flash of light filled my vison, to be followed by the downpour of harsh rain.  I noticed a note lying on the bed. I walked over to it, tears flowing easily down my face, never stopping.

Dear Liana,

We are sorry. But be are never coming back. For the last 4 months, we have kept and important secret from you. One we should have told you a long time before this.

Two years ago, the day we were at the beach. The only time we would ever go to that beach. Me and your farther got an important call from the 4 leaders. Mathematics, literature, Science and Geography. They need our scientific brains to help them discover a way to defeat an evil darkness that was starting to spread coming from the south-west of Britain. We had been informed about it before but told to not take action as it could just go away. They were wrong. The darkness started spreading into people and corrupting their souls, causing them on instinct to want what we are, dead. We didn’t tell you; one because we didn’t want you to worry and start fussing; not carrying on in your normal way of life. Two; because if we told you, you could tell someone by accident. We categorised people.


Pure Heated

You my child are a Pure Hearted. When the darkness was already reaching London, we had to forget about every other experiment me and your farther we trying to do and concentrate on keeping you safe. Even if it means that we shall die. You have a life ahead of you. We have lived ours. Be careful. Whatever happens to the rest of the world, watch them from the shadows. Record the movements. Write down anything that happens to you. Copy the actions of the Corrupted.

Darling, have your dearest friends turned against you? Do you feel worthless because they have told the rest of your school your deepest darkest secrets?

That is the evil. It has already arrived. And corrupted our leaders. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, as their solders beak down the door. We knew we would never be able to stop it. But you can. You have the power of our brains collided together. You have the pure, perfect but challenging aroma around you. You may have anger issues. However, don’t let anyone bring you down. You are the world’s savour. And I pray. I know. You will come back one day for us. When the world is returned to normal. People may die. People may fall. You will see loved ones around you being beaten. Don’t help them. Cheer along with the Corrupted; even if it pains you inside. If you help your safety will be in danger.

Change your name Liana. Become Annabelle Lancart. The girl who won’t put up with it. However, wait to the right time to strike and make the evil fall back to where it came from. Make it fall back to the traitorous shadows.

But darling, don’t ever be afraid.


Mother and farther.

We’ll always be there. Even if you don’t notice us.

I stared absent-mindedly into the piece of paper lying before me. I felt warm salty water trickle down my boiling skin. Using the back of my hand, I wipe the tears away and sniffle my nose. I guess I’ll do as they say. Starting now. I took a deep breath and jumped out of the window and onto the roof in front of me. I’ve got nothing to live for now.

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