When I entered the school hall, I smelt something different, I smelt strawberries and nature something I wish I can smell always.

I saw Lea who raised her hand and welcomed me with a huge hug. Today
Lea looked stunning as always.

As i left Lea's tight hug, she started talking "Oh Annie you look amazing and just adorable!! " I Smiled and thanked her with a hug.

As we finished talking we went to our lockers, as I walked through the hall and everybody stared at me which made me feel a little weird of these awkward gazes over me.

I left Lea and went to my first class which was Biology with Mr. Blackwell.

I sat at my usual seat next to the window and the students started coming when the bell rang and everybody was in. I looked around and stared at the door waiting Mr. Blackwell to come in and then he came the most beautiful guy i ever saw, it was Shane with his ocean eyes. He saw me looking at the door and curiosity in his eyes with a happy to see you look.

I smiled at him and he smiled back and then he came and sat next to me. His gazes held love ,but he didn't say anything, i noticed Mr. Blackwell entering after Shane and class began. Shane smiled and looked again at me and said "Annie You Look Hot Today " with his words entering my ears and his gazes all over my body i blushed and smiled " Thanks" . I couldn't say more because I know that i will make myself stupid in front of him.

Everybody in class was listening to what Mr. Blackwell is talking about the phases and that we're going to observe them with the microscope.

On every desk there was a microscope and the other lab tools, Mr. Blackwell told us to work in pairs so me and Shane work together. I was reaching for the slide as well as Shane, and then our hands locked each other. I felt sparkles and tingles through my bare hand, I felt the most adorable feeling ever, I loved his touch and his smell.
Shane smiled at me and held my hand that made me feel warmness in his touch. I let out of his hand to get to the slide because i can see how everybody in class stopped and started looking at us, I was afraid that moment. But i guess Shane knew why I left his hand because he continued working with me to put the slide on the microscope.

His smile never left his lips and I felt his gazes through the whole biology hour.

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