February 8th,2015

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Dear Mace,

You've become such a strong and amazing person going through this hard time.
I know how hard it is, believe me. I want to thank you...for all you've done. You never turned your back on me, You were the only one who actually understood everything. I love you with all my heart you little muffin. I've heard you're blaming yourself for me not speaking to you, It's hard for me to not speak Mace, trust me! But I can't.
You're amazing, remember that.
Everyday you live in pain, sometimes less, or more, but always pain. You still find a way to smile every fucking day. That's strong Mace! Why on gods earth can you NOT see that? It makes me feel like I'm wasting my breath, but in the end, I know you'll see it one day. You have this way of caring, it's special. You put other people in front of you...You're inspiring! You don't deserve this, but I do. When I die, keep living.
Got it? Stay with Taylor, Selena, Kamilla, Summer, Paige, And Ashton.
They need you, You're worth it Mace! Please? That's my last dying wish.
For you to keep living...I love you. Stay Strong.


Dear Carly,
I got that text from Kenzie today.
It breaks me. Im absolutely torn. She has broken me!

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